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FS7 19mm Standard Kit

IncludesMovcam 19mm Standard Kit for Sony FS7 Includes: Riser Plate [MOV-303-2701], Multi BP [MOV-303-2702], Side Bracket [MOV-303-2703], Top Clamp [MOV-303-2704], FS7 Top 15mm Clamp [MOV-303-2705], FS7 Distribution Box [MOV-303-2706], 12" Sliding Dovetail Plate [MOV-303-1110], 19mm Sliding Bridge Plate [MOV-303-1111], FS7 Top Plate [MOV-303-2707], Top Handle Kit [MOV-303-1901], H Rosette Spacer [MOV-303 -1218], MCF-1 Follow Focus [MOV-302-0205], 19mm Lens Support [MOV-301-02-006], MM-1A Mattebox [MOV-301-0204], 4 8" 15mm Rods [MOV-206-0003-5] and 2 18" 19mm Steel Rods [MOV-206-0006-3]
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