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IBE HDx2 MK II Converter

HD ENG 3D CCD Lenses With Super-35 Cameras

Safe your former invest in HD ENG 3D CCD lenses using the HDx2 Mark II Converter

The HDx2 Mark II initially has been developed for the use of HD ENG 3D CCD lenses on high speed Phantom cameras.

This adapter is the best choice when our HDx35 Mark II adapter is too big in magnification or the light loss has to be restricted.

The HDx2 Mark II enables the use of most extreme zooms like Canon HJ18x28, Canon Digi Super 86II xs / 95, Fuji etc. at the Phantom v640, RED One (4K), Panasonic AF101 and cameras like Blackmagic Cinema / Production for an image circle up to max. 25.5 mm.

HDx Converter - General

Our honored optical converters for the latest digital cameras! All converters are optical and do not just deliver the mechanical fit onto the digital cameras. They all correct the different spectral alignments between three-chip prism block sensors.

Our optical converters are highly telecentric in design, delivering a bright, sharp image across the entire frame, with excellent color and contrast.

Our Universal Mount System (UMS) allows to use the converters flexible in the field of different mounts and expand their usage considerably.

HDx Converter is characterized by the following features:

  • Safe your former invest in HD ENG 3D CCD lenses with using at S35 digital cameras
  • Telecentric lens design for digital cameras
  • Max. accepted T-Stop is 1.9
  • High performance already even at max. T-Stop
  • Flare optimized systems with high end coating
  • Compact size
  • B4-PL Converter
  • PL UMS Mount for more flexibility

HDx2 Mark II

Optical Design (lenses/group)5/2
Max. Image Diameter (mm) maximum /
25.5/ 24.4
Max. input T-Stop1.9
Light drop (stops)2.2
Lens MountB4 2/3"
Camera MountPL UMS Mount
Length (mm) B4 to PL50.7
Diameter (mm)65.0

*depending on max. image diameter of input lens.