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IBE Optics S35x8k

With its magnification factor of 1.45x the S35x8K Expander increase the image circle of a PL lens up to 46.6 mm, which covers 35 mm full-frame and even the RED Dragon 8K format (46.3 mm). The S35x8K Expander is recommended for lenses with a max. aperture of T-stop of 2.0, providing the best performance at T2.8, with optimal resolution and sharpness.

The S35x8K is incompatible with rotating mirror shutter cameras and can be used with all S35 PL lenses.

Ideal combinations:

  • Angenieux Optimo 17 - 80 mm Zoom 
  • Angenieux Optimo 24 - 290 mm Zoom
  • Angenieux Compact Optimo Zooms
  • Angenieux 17 - 102 mm Zoom
  • Angenieux 25 - 250 mm HR-Zoom
  • Cooke Prime and Zoom T 2.0
  • Cooke 18 - 100 mm Zoom
  • Fuji, Canon T 2.0
  • Leica Summicron T 2.0
  • Zeiss Ultra Prime und Zooms T 2.0


Large sensor sizes deliver beautiful pictures with interesting bokeh by the very shallow depth of field. However, the optics must cover these larger sensor formats in two different aspects.

Firstly, the light vignetting on the larger sensor must not be greater than 50 %, and on second the image quality must also be perfect up to the edge of the sensor. During the design of the expander, special attention was paid to ensure a minimum of light falloff and a maximum imaging performance up to the edge of the larger sensors.


Distinction between expanders and extenders

The difference between an „EXTENDER“ and an „EXPANDER“ is the ability to increase the image circle of a lens. Extender only increase the focal length without increasing the image circle for larger sensor formats while Expanders increase the focal length and also the image circle. Expanders are thus more difficult to design and more expensive in manufacturing.

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