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SWIT S-8340S/A 160Wh

S-8340S - 160Wh Heavy Duty V-Mount Digital Battery

S-8340S is a 160Wh V-mount battery, for Cine and ENG cameras, with latest designed dual housing heavy duty structure, drop-off proof and water proof. The battery supports high load, fast charging and digital power info display, which is an ideal power solution for field applications.

S-8340S has innovative dual housing structure: the inner cell cage and outer anti-shock housing with rubber covers. The new structure makes the battery quite strong, anti-shock, protects the battery from drop-off accident, as well as IP66 class water/dust proof. 

Using SWIT S-3812S fast charger.

Product overview:

  • Dual housing strong structure
  • 14.4V, 160Wh capacity
  • Max 150W/12A heavy load
  • 6A fast charging support
  • 8-LED digital power indicators
  • SONY viewfinder power info display
  • D-tap power output socket
  • V-mount connection
  • Multiple circuit protections


Normal Voltage 14.4V

Capacity 160Wh/11.1Ah

Max output power 150W

Max output current 12A (D-tap port 10A)

Max charging current 6A fast charger

Mount type  V-mount

Operation temperature 0- 40°C

Net Weight Approx. 1.08kg

Dimension 162x101x53mm