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Easyrig Cinema Flex Vest

Easyrig Cinema Flex Vest, designed for camerawomen     

Because of many requests and especially taking into account the female body, Easyrig has developed the new Cinema Flex vest. It is based on the Cinema 3 vest has on the chest but rather the broad "suspenders" with crossbar, a comfortably cut top, centrally closed with Velcro and additional buckle.

Laterally and on the shoulders, the size can also be adjusted by means of Velcro and buckles perfectly to the body.

But thanks to the new unisex pattern it is just as suitable for cameramen and thus not a pure vest for women

The Cinema Flex vest can be used instead of a Cinema 3 vest (or 2.5) or replaced it.

Even when ordering a new complete Easyrig equipment the original Cine vest can be replaced with the new Cine Flex vest.

Technical Details:

Size: standard size (to fit size S-XL)

Length of the Hip belt: min. 70 cm (27 in) bis max. 140 cm (55 in)

Weight:   Vest: 2,1 kg (4,6 lbs)

Height: 55 cm (22 in)