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Easyrig Vario 5 STRONG 14-25kg

Easyrig Vario 5 STRONG  -  for heavy camera equipment 14-25kg

The extreme STRONG version is a flexible solution to handle very heavy camera rigs and gimbals. Vario 5 STRONG is capable to handle any load from 14 to 25kg (30 -55 lbs). 

Design Perfected

All Easyrig models feature SKF ball bearings and LESJÖFORS gas shock absorbers - 2 World Class Swedish manufacturers that have produced components in Sweden as far back as 1907. The Easyrig Vario 5 STRONG has been field tested in different climates, terrains and conditions spanning three continents. 


One of the Vario 5 STRONG test camera operators used the unit on a TV Show shot in New Zealand and had this to say about it, "I used it for my heavy rigs. One rig was Sony F55 + Flowcine Gravity One + Kenyon KS8 gyros. This was not anywhere near a challenge for the Vario 5 Strong." - David Paul NZCS


The Vario 5 STRONG is available in 4 different models. Standard arm or with a +13cm (5”) extended arm (= “A”) and your choice of the Cinema 3 Vest, or with the updated Gimbal Rig Vest.

• EASY-VC5s2 Easyrig 5 Vario STRONG (14-25kg), cine vest with standard arm

• EASY-VC5s2A Easyrig 5 Vario STRONG (14-25kg), cine vest with extended "A" arm +130mm

• EASY-VG5s2 Easyrig 5 Vario STRONG (14-25kg), gimbal rig vest with standard arm

• EASY-VG5s2A Easyrig 5 Vario STRONG (14-25kg), gimbal rig vest with extended "A" arm +130mm

Diagram Easyrig Strong


Cinema 3 vest and adjustable arm

Gimbal vest and adjustable arm

5.3 kg (11 lbs)

5.6 kg (12 lbs)




97 - 114 cm (38 - 45 in)

60 cm (24 in)

Suspension line length90 cm (35 in) when fully stretched
Capacity:14 -25kg (30 -55 lbs)

Hip belt sizes:

Small XS - S


Large 2XL - 4XL (only cine vest)

70cm (28 in.) to 80cm (31in.)

80cm (31in.) to 130cm (51in.)

100cm (39in.) to 150cm (59in)

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