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Tokina has developed the super fast T1.5 VISTA Cinema Prime Lenses especially for highest demands on the filmset. For this purpose, the engineers have completely re-designed the inner life and inserted it into a high-quality housing. This resulted in a product that is reliable and stand for impressive results in 4K and 8K.


  • Fast T-stop T1.5, good for low light filming
  • Image circle of 46.7mm covers VistaVision, F35, Sony VENICE, RED Monstro 8K VV and ARRI Alexa LF
  • T1.5 through to T22 iris range with 9 bladed iris
  • Consistent 114mm front diameter
  • 112mm screw-in filter size, except th 18mm/T1.5
  • Virtual no breathing
  • Aspherical elements and modern coating
  • PL-, EF-, MFT-, E-Mounts


  • Fast T1.5 T Stop
  • Nearly zero focus breathing
  • T1.5 through to T22 Iris range
  • Use of aspherical elements and modern coatings, exceptionally low chromatic abberation
  • Ground-up New Large Format Cinema Design
  • Image circle of 46.7mm covers FF35 and beyond to VistaVision format
  • Clearly marked focus and Iris scales on both sides
  • Consistent 114mm front outer diameter
  • 112mm screw-in filter size
  • Consistent length of lenses
  • Consistent length of lens during focus pull
  • 9 bladed Iris for rounded bokeh aesthetic
  • No image shift in rack focus
  • Robust high quality aluminum and brass construction materials
  • Changeable mount with Shims available in PL, E, Sony E, and MFT