We believe every Bolt 4K, Bolt 6 or Ranger HD or Ranger 4K user ask himself at least once the question, which system is better – Bolt or Ranger? By comparing a Bolt 6 LT MAX 1:1 set vs. a Ranger 4K we tried to answer all the questions as:
Which system is better, more stable, does the price of each device is justified, … also comparing weight, dimensions, antenna sizes, various settings, … here are the answers.
Freelensing Cine® is a system that leaves the lens virtually suspended in front of the camera sensor allowing the operator a fast and intuitive movement.
The Prodigy Air Deflector is the perfect solution for keeping a clear lens. With a simple push of a button, the patented design can be quickly deployed to provide you with the clear shot you need in any condition.
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Sony VENICE 2 Full-frame digital cinema camera with internal X-OCN recording and choice of 8K and 6K sensors.
To celebrate the new memeber of the Takumi family Musashi decided to introduce a sales special for all orders until the End of November 2021.

With this test, we wanted to give our customers a comprehensive and objective overview of the currently common 4K / DCI and 4K / UHD monitors. With various tests and additional know-how from Christian Saure (DIT and video operator with on-set experience in various commercials, TV series, feature films, cinema productions, ...) we were able to create a practical handout with calibration overview and results and a 4K Monitor comparison chart – and all this for you to download.
Mit den neuen HDR fähigen 4K Produktionsmonitoren von SmallHD und der brandaktuellen Bolt 4K LT Serie von Teradek definiert Creative Solution den wireless 4K Workflow am Set völlig neu! Alle Bolt 4K und 4K LT Systeme sind uneingeschränkt cross-kompatibel und mit den neuentwickelten 4K-RX Monitormodulen für den Cine7 und 702Touch erhalten Sie eine bisher nie dagewesene Flexibilität, mit bis zu 6 Empfängern.
These days IP Streaming gets more and more improtant, have a look at the huge range of IP Streaming devices Teradek is offering. Find some useful information in this blog.
Canons EOS C500 MKII and EOS C300 MK III has the same Chassis dimensions and weight. Have a look which accessories you can use for both cameras.
The Future of Wireless Video

Teradek Bolt 4K elevates the standard for all cable-free workflows. Incredible wireless image quality. Lossless real-time transmission. Enhanced detail with 4K HDR. More reliable, longer range, and a new mobile app for remote configuration.
NEW – Smartfinder Pro , S35xVV Expander and LPLx2VV Extender
Orca presented a number of new bags and cases at IBC 2019.
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