An Update from Band Pro Munich

Dear Friends,

due to this terrible and unexpected worldwide situation we, at Band Pro Munich, also have some updates for you.

First of all, we really hope that you and your loved ones are fine! Although we know that in the next few weeks all of us will face a very hard time, but at the same time we are sure that together, with you, we can make it! Let us try to stay positive and hopefully this crisis will make us even stronger.

It’s a challenging time and therefore we have to take some very special actions. To protect our team and minimalize the risk of an infection we have two teams who will alternately run our office from Monday till Thursday from 10am to 5pm. But even we have to shorten our opening hours we will try to support you as best as we can. We are sure that you will understand our plans and if it will come to a delay in any process, your patience would be appreciated. We are all sitting in one boat and for us at Band Pro Munich the most important thing is that all our friends, partners, clients, manufacturers and vendors will stay with us, like we will stay with you!

New Opening Hours

Monday till Thursday
10am – 5pm

Contact Details


Business Continuity and Partnership

Until further notice, unfortunately we cannot advise you locally, but we can support you with demo equipment, service, support and consulting by phone.

Furthermore, we want to help and support you with creative solutions, individual financing and extended payment terms.
If you are interested, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Special Thank

In that point we want to thank all people out there who are working, helping and giving essential care, like the health and medical professionals all over the world.

Take care of each other, take care of yourself.
Stay healthy and safe, we wish you all the best,

YOUR Band Pro Munich Team


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