SmallHD Cine7 Monitor with ARRI Camera Control License

SmallHD Cine7 Monitor with ARRI Camera Control License

SmallHDs new Cine7 monitor series features a 1920 x 1200 pixel LCD panel, capable of displaying 100% DCI-P3. With a peak brightness of 1800 nits, touchscreen panel, Dual Format (HD-SDI and HDMI in-/outputs) and cross conversion it combines all features for a perfect on-camera monitor.

It features ARRI camera control, via Ethernet Cable, with RED and SONY coming soon.

This optional license, for use with ARRI ALEXA Mini and AMIRA, applies to all variations of the new Cine 7 including Cine7 single monitor, Cine7 500 Transmitter, Cine7 500 Receiver and the Cine7 500 universal Sidekick Receiver.

We tested the ARRI Camera Control License with our Cine7-V-Mount Kit and an ARRI ALEXA Mini.


When using ARRI ALEXA Mini or AMIRA you have to control the camera through the EVF,
but now you can make adjustments with the smallHD Cine7 Monitor easily.


This Camera Control Menu appears as an overlay where you can check and change shutter speed,
ND filter, White Balance, sensor FPS,…




… Record start/stop as well as playback control, media size, status and type, recording mode, clip scene and take.


There are many other supported functionalities, for example:
set & read TC and project rate, camera type, camera serial, camera state, look filename, color temperature,
exposure index, shutter angle, wire protection, free capacity, … and so much more.

Let us know if you want to test, purchase or have any questions regarding the smallHD Cine7 Monitor.

More infos at / +49 89 945 48 49-0


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