Smartfinder Pre-Spring Sale

The Smartfinder Pro is an electronical director’s viewfinder for all Cine Prime lenses from 35mm to full frame and up to 65mm format, anamorph or spherical with PL or LPL mount. The Smartfinder Pro Set Basic with iPhone 7 Plus and large case is now available for a special price until 25th March. 

Smartfinder Pre-Spring Sale

  • Smartfinder Pro Set Basic with iPhone 7 Plus and large case
  • Comes with LPL mount and LPL to PL adapter
  • The promotion is valid from 15.2. until 25.3.2022
  • EUR 7.490,-

The image is gathered on a 62mm ∅ groundglass, which is slightly larger than the image area of an ARRI Alexa 65. The groundglass concept is just like a traditional optical director’s finder. Attach an iPhone 7 Plus behind the groundglass. The iPhone camera focuses through four IB(E optical elements onto the groundglass and you view the image on the screen of your iPhone 7 Plus. The Smartfinder’s handgrip fits a powerbank which allows you to charge the phone while scouting. In addition, the iPhone lets you shoot framegrabs and, of course, videos. This is helpful for scouting and pre-viz. The SmartFinder comes with LPL mount and LPL to PL adapter.

Awesome Features

  •     Focus calibration
  •     Angle of view calibration
  •     Select focus distance
  •     Select focal length
  •     Select T-Stop
  •     Shooting mode: capture
  •     Media library
  •     Capture metadata
  •     Shooting mode: record
  •     Movie timer (in shooting mode)
  •     Unit (meter/imperial)
  •     Anamorphic de-squeezing mode
  •     Grid
  •     Connection (remote/hardware connection, Dropbox)
  •     Custom setup
  •     Custom frameline
  •     Export of data (images, video, metadata)
  •     Fullscreen mode
  •     Unlimited number of setups
  •     Unlimited number of frames
  •     Unlimited number of projects/scenes
  •     Edit menu
  •     Shutter setup
  •     ISO setup
  •     EXP setup
  •     WB setup
  •     Timecode


  •     Alexa 65 High Resolution Ground Glass
  •     Image Diameter up to 65mm
  •     UMS Mount System
  •     For anamorph or spherical lenses
  •     iPhone 7 Plus

Smartfinder APP

  •     Simulate Camera Sensors
  •     Setup Lenses and Adapters
  •     Add Framelines
  •     Built in DoF Calculator
  •     Anamorphic de-squeeze
  •     Capture, Store and Share Photos and Videos

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