Takumi Full Frame Zooms


Musashi, one of the most important Japanese lens manufacturers presented their new Takumi 2 - 29-120mm T2.9 full-frame Cinema Zoom lens at Cine Gear 2021! With the brand-new Takumi 2 Musashi completes their large sensor Cine style Zoom lens family. The Takumi 1 - 40.6–332mm T4.8 large sensor Cine Zoom, which was introduced one year ago, has got a smaller and faster brother!



Takumi has a lot of meanings but according to the Japanese company Musashi, the lenses are designed and manufactured by “artful artisans” for “creative artists”. Musashi optics which is not only focused on cinema also develops and manufactures medical-, industrial- and security camera lenses.

But since the introduction of the first full frame Cinema zoom Takumi 1 and the announcement of the Takumi 2, Musashi has become a serious and recognized manufacturer in the cine business. Their optical tools, like the different Extenders and Expanders, are very well known in the business for years now. Takumi 1 and 2 are on short call and in Germany already available for rent at FGV Schmidle in Munich.


▶ Takumi 1 - 40.6–332mm T4.8 full-frame Cinema Zoom lens
▶ Takumi 2 - 29-120mm T2.9 full-frame Cinema Zoom lens
▶ Musashi TL-FFX2  2x Extender


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