Bright Tangerine LeftField 3 Sony FX6 – Expert Kit

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    Bright Tangerine LeftField 3 Sony FX6 – Expert Kit Take your Sony FX6 to the next level with... mehr
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    Bright Tangerine LeftField 3 Sony FX6 – Expert Kit

    Take your Sony FX6 to the next level with the LeftField 3 Sony FX6 – Expert Kit. It provides everything you need to rig the camera for different configurations, allowing you to move between setups quickly and easily. Whether you’re shooting documentaries, corporate videos, or anything in between, the Sony FX6 Expert Kit will help you get the most out of your camera.

    • Mini Axl for FX6 monitor with drag adjustment & sag-free support
    • Articulating NATO rail adds extra reach & height placement for monitor
    • Rigid top plate with 1/4”, 3/8”, NATO & QD sockets
    • Helicoil reinforced threads to prevent stripping and loosening over time
    • Patented Open•UP baseplate lets you easily lift off the camera from the dovetail
    • Sets the camera to 15mm LWS standards with support for rods & accessories

    With the Sony FX6 – Expert Kit, you can take your Sony FX6 to new heights with everything needed for any situation.

    Ready for Rigging
    Rig up accessories to the rigid top plate with options for NATO, 1/4″& 3/8″ mounted accessories. Two Quick Detach (QD) sockets are also ready for attaching a carrying strap or tethers.

    15mm LWS Platform
    The LeftField 15mm LWS baseplate is perfect for fast transitions on set, using the patented Open•Up system. With two industry-standard 15mm rod mounts to support other camera accessories like a matte box or focus motors.

    Flexible Monitor Mount
    The Mini Axl is a versatile bracket that replaces your stock monitor mount on the FX6. The screen can be adjusted on the fly to any angle or locked into place. When you're operating handheld with the Sony FX9 loupe, the Mini Axl will keep it from sagging from the weight. When it's time to change locations, simply stow away the monitor, keeping the screen protected. The included cable hook also helps with cable management and snags.

    Sony FX6 System
    The included filler piece adds an additional central NATO rail for handles and gimbal plates, as well a support brace to completely remove all physical stress from the stock handle.
    Each Expert kit comes with the Top Plate, Filler Piece, Top Handle Brace, Mini Axl (Sony FX6), LeftField 3 15mm LWS Baseplate & a set of 15mm Drumstix (12"/30.4cm)
    You can expand the kit further with options for lens adaptor supports when using PL lenses, KASBAH Shoulder support & more.

    LeftField 3
    Customise your camera build with the extensive selection of accessories in the LeftField system. Letting you create the right setup for each and every task.
    This kit has been updated to LeftField 3 and is not compatible with LeftField 2 accessories.

    No Compromises
    Machined and hand-finished in our single factory in Church Crookham from high-grade materials. Hard anodised for extended durability. The Advanced Kit comes with our famous Bright Tangerine Support and the addition of a 5-year warranty.

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