Inovativ 75mm Ball Plate

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      Inovativ 75mm Camera Mount Ball Plate Camera Mount Plates are designed to integrate... mehr
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    Inovativ 75mm Camera Mount Ball Plate

    Camera Mount Plates are designed to integrate tripod heads with our Camera Mount System, providing a convenient and reliable camera mounting solution. These plates are precision-machined from durable 6061 T6 Aluminum and come complete with all the necessary mounting hardware for effortless installation. Camera Mount System is sold separately.

    The Camera Mount System offers a lightweight yet robust solution for mounting cameras to a workstation. The system utilizes a 1.75 in. Center Mast for attaching to the workstation, allowing for flexible camera placement. Camera Mount System for Voyager/ Apollo allows for camera positioning directly over the top shelf or off to the side while the Camera Mount System for AXIS allows for positioning at any point 360˚ degrees around the AXIS Stand. The 1.75 in.

    Center Mast also allows for vertical height adjustability along the length of the mast (34 in.). With its versatile design, the Camera Mount System can accept multiple different Horseshoes and Camera Plates, offering support for various camera configurations. Camera Mount Plates are sold separately.



    • Machined from 6061 T6 aluminium
    • Anodised INOVATIV orange
    • 75mm ball mount
    • Includes all additional mounting hardware



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