Teradek Bolt 6 XT MAX Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Set

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      Teradek Bolt 6 XT MAX Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Set The redesigned,... mehr
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    Teradek Bolt 6 XT MAX Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Set

    The redesigned, streamlined, zero-delay wireless video solution with next-gen 6GHz connectivity, plus cross-compatibility with the Bolt 4K Series. 12G-SDI + HDMI for full DCI 4K resolution in 10-bit 4:2:2 HDR; integrated 5-pin USB for wireless camera control; integrated battery plate options with power pass-through, and more.

    The Bolt 6 XT Set is a real-time wireless video transmission system that supports 4K video with Teradek’s patented Zero-Delay technology, now with less interference using the newly opened 6GHz wireless frequency. Bolt 6 XT can send and receive color-accurate, True-HDR videos in under 0.001 seconds using the set’s included Bolt 6 XT video Transmitter and Receiver.

    Key features of the Bolt 6 XT Set include range options designed for a variety of production needs, fast reconnection times, intuitive and easy setup with the Bolt Manager App for iOS or Android, and consistent, stable connectivity. The Bolt 6 XT series utilizes the 6GHz band to give users better image quality and reduced interference. And when used in high-traffic areas, 6GHz wireless frequency gives Bolt 6 XT users more options for frequency adjustments with 12 new channels. Bolt 6 can also pass metadata, timecode, and start/stop flags from most camera manufacturers.

    Bolt 6 XT has been redesigned to seamlessly fit into your setup, with a smaller, lighter-weight build that runs cooler and 50% quieter than the Bolt 4K. An integrated 5-pin USB port allows for effortless and wireless camera-control setup when using SmallHD Smart Monitors, and an improved long range wireless video mode. Bolt 6 also offers new tools for high-end users to have better visibility over their connections and signals, adding confidence to the workflow no matter how challenging the environment.

    The included Transmitter and Receiver are cross-compatible with the entire Bolt 4K Series – including Bolt 4K, Bolt 4K LT, and the Bolt 4K Monitor Modules – giving you the option to expand your workflow requirements. Link up to 6 receivers to one transmitter, or unlimited receivers when used in Broadcast Mode (available on MAX models).

    Bolt 6 XT offers three line-of-sight options: 750 ft., 1500 ft., and the MAX Set, which can be configured for up to 5,000+ ft. Additionally, you can upgrade your set to include Gold or V-Mount Battery plates.


    • Zero-Delay wireless video (<0.001sec)
    • Up to DCI 4K resolution
    • True HDR with 10-bit 4:2:2
    • Inputs: 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0
    • Outputs: 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0
    • Gold & V-Mount Battery Plate options

    Key Platform Highlights

    • Powered by our BB3 chipset
    • Pairs with up to 6 receivers, or unlimited receivers when used in Broadcast mode with the MAX models
    • 12 new 40MHz wide channels from 5.925 to 6.425GHz
    • Enhanced long-range image quality feature
    • New SDI pattern tool to monitor SDI signal quality
    • Universal compatibility with all Bolt 6 and Bolt 4K Series
    • Ultra fast pairing and intuitive setup with Bolt Manager App
    • AES-256 encryption and RSA 1024 key pairing prevents unauthorized access

    What's In The Box?

    • 1 x Bolt 6 XT MAX TX V-Mount
    • 1 x Bolt 6 XT MAX RX V-Mount
    • 2 x Bolt 6 XT Battery Cover Plate Front
    • 1 x Bolt 4K TX Mounting Bracket
    • 1 x Lightstand Adapter 3/8in
    • 1 x Hot Shoe Adaptor
    • 4 x Screw Flat Head Phillips
    • 2 x Screw Socket Cap A S, M3 x 16mm
    • 1 x Hex L key 2.5mm size 3-5/8" length
    • 2 x (Bit 118) 2pin Conn. to PowerTap - 18in/46cm Cable
    • 1 x (Bit 718) 2pin Conn. to 2pin Conn. (Alexa) 18in/46cm Cable
    • 2 x Ultra Thin HDMI Male Type A (Full) - HDMI Male Type A (Full) 18in/46cm Cable
    • 2 x SDI 12G BNC to BNC 18in/46cm Cable
    • 1 x Teradek Case Large - Bolt XT TX/2RX
    • 1 x PSU 2pin Conn. to 30W AC Adapter (Int) - 6ft Cable
    • 9 x Antenna 2dBi Rigid V 4.9-7.3Ghz RP-SMA
    • 1 x Wooden Camera - Universal Ultra Arm Monitor Mount (Combo 1/4-20 & 3/8-16, 5")
    • 1 x USB 2.0 Type A Male to USB Type C Male - 1m Cable
    • 2 x Bolt 6 XT Battery Cover Plate Rear




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