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      Teradek Serv Micro Teradek Serv Micro is a lightweight, plug-and-play HDMI wireless... mehr
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    Teradek Serv Micro
    Teradek Serv Micro is a lightweight, plug-and-play HDMI wireless video and streaming solution designed to easily share camera feeds and proxy playback to creative stakeholders – on set or off.

    Product Highlights

    • 256-bit Military-Grade Encryption
    • AVC Compression
    • HDMI and Loop Through
    • Local Streaming On Up To 10 Devices
    • Share Live Camera Feeds Using Teradek Core

    Serv Micro is an HDMI-Only wireless video transmission system that can support local streaming up to 10 devices and, when backed by Teradek Core, allows users to access live streams and instant recordings on unlimited devices anywhere in the world. Productions can easily share their camera feeds and playback with off-set producers and clients, allowing for real-time remote collaboration at an accessible price point.

    This low-latency wifi-based wireless streaming device is designed to meet your production needs, even while responding to the normal networking challenges productions typically face. For example, when wifi is lost, recordings are saved to an SD card, allowing for a secure upload once connection is restored.

    Serv Micro is also designed for quick mastery, with intuitive tools and easy-to-use workflows available through Vuer app and Core cloud solution. Serv Micro comes equipped with HDMI in and loop-through, ethernet and wifi connectivity, an auxiliary audio input, USB type A connection for easy connection to cellular bonding options and a built-in L-Series battery plate.

    Three ways to use Serv Micro

    1. Stream to iOS and Android devices on set without an internet connection using Teradek VUER app. This is recommended for on-set producers and clients using personal devices.
    2. Share live camera feeds with anyone in the world using Teradek Core. This allows for real-time collaboration with remote creatives, producers, and clients.
    3. Share instant recordings for remote playback and review. Remote viewers can access and scrub through takes instantly after they’ve been shot using Teradek Core or third-party cloud platforms including Frame.io and Sony Ci.

    What's In The Box?

    •     1 x Serv Micro
    •     1 x HDMI Male Type C (Mini) - HDMI Male Type A (Full) 18in Cable
    •     1 x Ethernet Cable
    •     1 x PSU 18W AC Adapter 12VDC (Int) - 6ft Cable
    •     2 x Antenna 2dBi WIFI 2.4/5.8GHz (Small Antenna)
    •     1 x Hot Shoe Adaptor




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