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      Upgrade Innovations DIT BOX Take your live grading and monitoring station anywhere... mehr
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    Upgrade Innovations DIT BOX

    Take your live grading and monitoring station anywhere a camera can go.

    The DIT BOX is a collaborative design between credited Digital Imaging Technician, Chris Bolton, & Upgrade Innovations. The DIT BOX has a pull out machined internal frame that hard mounts the essential DIT components needed to do up to four camera live grading.

    The lightweight Pelican Air 1535 is modified with a rear back panel to accommodate 24 x Neutrik D-Series connectors and a 120mm silent fan. The DIT BOX is powered by a custom Cramped Attic 24 volt power distribution module with separate 20V and 12V kill switches and a fan speed controller for up to four fans. With a primary and secondary 24V input, swap power inputs without components losing power.

    The modified Pelican case also features a removable top lid, removable BNC panel cover for transport and a new side mounted cheese plate with ARRI 3/8-16″ and SmallHD 1/4-20″ Pin-Loc patterns for mounting accessories.

    The Laptop Tray mounts to the DIT BOX laptop brackets to securely mount a 13″, 15″ or 16″ Macbook Pro. Optional accessories for the Laptop Tray are available for mounting to baby pin with a spigot adapter.

    The base of the DIT BOX features a bottom bracket for mounting the included non-twist spigot adapter, a Ronford Baker QR plate or the Upgrade Innovations QR VESA Plate. The DIT BOX base is equipped with longer feet to rest properly with a QRP plate mounted underneath.

    What comes in the DIT BOX

    • Modified Pelican Air 1535 with no foam.
    • Machined Aluminum Inner Bracket Assembly.
    • 1 x Cal Digit TS3+ with power supply modified with a 3 pole XLR
    • 1 x Cal Digit short TB3 cable
    • 1 x 5 port Ethernet Switch & 5x Ethernet cables
    • 1 x Laptop Tray with 2 tie-down M6 Thumb Screws
    • 2 x Laptop clamps, 2x tie-down M6 Thumb Screws, 4x Spacer Plates
    • 1 x 24Volt 300 Watt Power Supply with AC cable
    • 1 x 4 fan 12 volt PC Fan Speed Controller
    • 1 x 120mm Silent Fan & Fan Guards
    • 1 x DC Regulator and Distribution box with built in fan and 12V LEMO 0B Connectors (NEW)
    • 1 x AJA Kumo power cable, 1x Cal Digit power cable, 2 x power cables for two Box IO’s
    • 1 x Decimator power cable, 1 x Ethernet Switch power cable, 1 x open lead power cable
    • 1 x Small Cheese Plate with ARRI 3/8-16″ and SmallHD 1/4-20″ Pin-Loc mounting patterns (NEW)
    • 1 x Bottom Mounting Bracket
    • 4 x Delrin Feet
    • 1 x Non-Twist C-Stand/Spigot adapter
    • 1 x Rear cover plate for BNC and fan
    • 2 x BNC Label Plates (NEW)
    • 1 x 24volt 6’ power extension cable
    • 1 x Removable Lid
    • Full set of video cable and BNC Neutrik connectors
    • Includes mounting screws for all components

    The DIT BOX hard mounts the following devices:

    • 2 x FSI BOX IO (not included)
    • 1 x AJA 32×32 or 16×16 router(not included)
    • 1 x Decimator Quad or Q6s (not included)
    • 1 x Blackmagic Design UltraStudio HD Mini (not included)
    • 1 x Cal Digit TS3+ (included)
    • 1 x NetGear ProSafe GS105 (included)
    • 1 x Custom 24Volt AC distribution and regulator module (included)
    • 1 x 120mm silent fan (included)
    • 24 x Neutrik D-Series Connectors (included)




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