About Us


Band Pro Munich

For over 35-years Band Pro has specialized in products and solutions for professional filmmakers and videographers.
The company’s research and development protocol allows product lines to expand toward the newest technologies so clients can focus on the art and craft of cinematography. With close relationships in Hollywood and worldwide long-standing partnerships with camera and lens makers, Band Pro has remained at the forefront of the newest developments in digital cinema.
At Band Pro Munich we believe in partnering with our customers and offering them education, support and equipment service, not just a product in a box. Our technical product specialists can offer camera training and custom setup, as well as equipment maintenance and service. During the year we offer any number of seminars and hands-on demonstration events. Known for our long-running support for Sony cameras and being a premier CineAlta VENICE reseller, Band Pro also sells, distributes and supports the full range of production gear, from lights to lenses, recorders to rain covers, monitors to mounting arms.
We encourage customers to visit our showroom to see the latest cameras and accessories, or bring your camera with you and try on the latest accessories. Keep yourself current on upcoming educational seminars, tradeshow appearances and product announcements by joining our mailing list and friending up on Facebook and Instagram.