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Simplifying Lighting and Grip. Made in California, USA.

Tim Hudson, the Australian born cinematographer who designed the light is CEO of the California-based company. He was determined to make a high end LED source that was also practical, portable and really useful. That’s why the Hudson Spider  (Redback) is now a familiar sight throughout Hollywood. Use the light flat, parabolic, naked or with diffusion. It’s that flexible.

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Hudson Spider 2'-4' Slider with U-Bangi function Hudson Spider 2'-4' Slider with U-Bangi function
2' and 4' slider combined in one Slider - unlimited and free your camera movements! Also with U-Bangi function! FEATURES No need for end supports in 4'-Slider mode, freeing up you dolly to do dolly thinks, like move 1/2 the size of other...
1,00 € *
Hudson Spider Flop Daddy Hudson Spider Flop Daddy
Discover Flop Daddy™. This game-changing innovation instantly transforms any 4x4 floppy into a relaxing glare-free screening room, so you can focus on what really matters. Featuring a white outer layer to reflect the heat and a black...
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