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Lentequip designs and manufactures professional motion picture and video accessories and have been a trusted global industry leader for over two decades.

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Lentequip STap-Lemo 2pin 18" Lentequip STap-Lemo 2pin 18"
SafeTab to 2pin Lemo power connector with overvoltage protection for your Teradek, SmallHD,.. device. To showcase the overwhelming benefits of our new SafeTap connector , we are introducing our line of premium hook-up cables to the...
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Lentequip Safetap Connector Lentequip Safetap Connector
SafeTap connector is a complete re-invention of the existing “PowerTap” it protects your high-end equipment against electric damage. FEATURES Microprocessor-controlled circuit Built-in LED for reverse polarity, over/under voltage, short...
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