Bright Tangerine Prodigy Air Deflector Base Kit

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    Clear lens with the Prodigy Air Deflector The Prodigy Air Deflector is the perfect... mehr
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    Clear lens with the Prodigy Air Deflector

    The Prodigy Air Deflector is the perfect solution for keeping a clear lens. At Glastonbury Festival, where it was raining, we noticed the camera operators continually wiping water off the lens. Rain deflectors have been employing spinning discs and centrifugal forces for decades and have several disadvantages. The underlying principles haven’t changed in almost 30 years. We knew there had to be a better solution. With a simple push of a button, the patented design can be quickly deployed to provide you with the clear shot you need in any condition.

    Harnessing the Power of Air
    Before it’s compressed and accelerated at 300+ mph, air is filtered to 1 micron and passes through the hose to the Air Head. The air attaches to the specially treated piece of glass, deflecting any water or particles that might otherwise ruin the shot. The pressurised air provides a barrier over the entire frame with no dead zones where water might accumulate. The Prodigy is quieter and produces sound at a lower frequency than traditional rain spinners, resulting in less discomfort for the talent, crew and environment. The downward force imitates gravity and the natural movement of rainfall.

    No Spinning Glass
    With no need for a spinning piece of glass, we eliminate many limitations in traditional designs. The Prodigy has no centrifugal forces at play so there’s no gyroscopic effect for the operators to manage. This makes it a much easier experience for the operator whether it’s panning on a tripod or operating in handheld. The glass in the Prodigy is secured in place dissipating any vibrations, making it stronger and less likely to break from impacts.

    Optically Clear, Impact Resistant and Superhydrophobic
    The special piece of glass goes through a number of advanced manufacturing processes. The end result is a glass that’s optically clear with no effect on image quality or exposure,and has excellent impact resistance. Any water or liquid on the surface slides off and doesn’t bead up after being treated with a superhydrophobic coating.

    More Creativity and Fewer Retake
    With an airspeed of over 300 mph, the lens is cleaned almost immediately, with some particles not even coming into contact with the glass, making it ideal for high-speed work. The compressor has three different speeds so you can choose the one that best matches your desired look and feel.

    Saves Time On Set
    The Air Head doesn’t emit any heat, so there’s no fogging on the lens or filters. This also saves time because you don’t have to unbag the camera and lens to clear the lens before shooting.
    Plastic bagging is easily secured to waterproof the camera and other electronics because of the flat sides.

    Rental Friendly & Easy Maintenance
    Compared to spinners, the Prodigy has far fewer moving parts. With no bearings to physically spin the glass, there is less maintenance to do. Constructed of carbon fiber, high-grade aluminum, and stainless steel, making it extremely durable, rugged, and waterproof. It can endure any harsh conditions in either hot or cold climates. It won’t rust or corrode. When you need to replace your glass, it’s simple and quick to do so. Spare glass is accessible if it gets damaged or breaks. This results in a faster ROI for rental investments and the lower cost makes it more accessible to end-users, works with existing accessories, requiring less inventory space to store.

    Industry Standard 24V Power
    The Prodigy is powered by 24V, which has already become an industry standard used to power cameras and light fixtures. This increases efficiency and allows for the use of larger batteries with longer run times. An industry-standard 2-pin LEMO input with built-in automatic polarity switching prevents any chance of shorting out and damaging the compressor when using different cable standards.

    Built on the Misfit Kick
    The Air Head can also be used as a standalone matte box and builds on the foundation set by the Misfit Kick. The large field of view makes it ideal for wide-angle lenses, with the Reveal stage delivering the third stage without the need of any additional accessories. It’s light enough to use in a clip-on configuration or with rod supports on a 15mm LWS or 15/19 Studio setup. The top flag is made of carbon fiber, which aids with flare control and adds further protection from the weather.

    Built for Rigging
    The Compressor has a variety of rigging possibilities, featuring helicoil reinforced threads to connect clamps and brackets. When it comes to high-risk stunts, the priority is always safety. For added security, attach a safety line using the tether points on the Air Head and Compressor. The Compressor can be positioned anywhere on the rig using the 50cm (20”) long hose. The bayonet quick-release connectors ensure a leak-free connection.

    Run/Stop Connectivity
    An industry-standard 3-pin Fischer Run/Stop port allows the Prodigy to be triggered using compatible hand units and remotes.

    Field-Tested by Professionals
    The Prodigy is already in use on feature films and projects like Matt Reeves’ The Batman, shot by DP Greig Fraser ACS, ASC and many more.

    User-Friendly Control Panel
    The buttons on the compressor’s control panel are big and well-lit, making them easy to operate even with gloves on. The warning lights will light up to indicate the operator how to troubleshoot any problems, thanks to built-in error detection. Future firmware updates may be completed by the user without requiring the unit to be sent in using the Type-C USB connection.


    Product Highlights

    • Easily deflects rain and other debris for a clear lens
    • 50cm (20") long hose allows for flexible compressor placement
    • Rugged and tough construction for use in any weather conditions
    • Reveal Stage expands for a third filter stage
    • Requires Frame Safe clamp adapter - available in 11 sizes

    In the box

    • B5000.1001 - Prodigy Air Deflector Compressor
    • B5000.1002 - Prodigy Air Head
    • B5000.1004 - Prodigy Power Cable
    • B5000.1007 - Prodigy Hose
    • B5000.1009 - Prodigy Top Flag
    • 2x B1251.1042 - 4x5.65"/4x4" Filter Tray (Misfit Kick)


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