Wooden Camera D-Box® and B-Box System (Sony BURANO)

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    Add power accessory options to your build by adding the D-Box® and B-Box System to your Sony... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Wooden Camera D-Box® and B-Box System (Sony BURANO)"

    Add power accessory options to your build by adding the D-Box® and B-Box System to your Sony BURANO. The D-Box provides additional 12V 2-pin, a D-tap port and a 3-pin 24V power option. Additionally, the D-Box allows for hot swap abilities when power is connected to the DC-In and an on-board battery.

    Expand the power distribution of the D-Box® by adding a B-Box, which adds two 2-pin 12V, a 3-pin 24V as well as a Remote-In port to your camera setup. This allows users to add even more functionality to the BURANO by adding the ability to power additional accessories. This connection is established using the included B-Box Link Cable attached to the EXT port on both of the units to allow power to be transferred. Establish more control with the use of the Remote Cable, allowing Run/Stop to the 3-pin connector port via the camera's Remote port when attached to the Remote-In port on the B-Box.

    D-Box unit is available in either a Gold Mount or V-Mount option.

    Included Items:
    D-Box® (Sony BURANO)  #A00543
    B-Box System (Sony BURANO) #A00598

    Weight: 451.3 g (0.99 lbs)
    Dimensions: 13,4 x 6,2 x 13,5 cm


    B-Box Information:

    Adding 2x 2pin 12V, 3pin 24V and Remote-in Port
    Weight: 51.26g
    Dimensions: 4,6 x 2,4 x 7,3cm

    Included items:
    B-Box (Sony BURANO)
    B-Box Bolt-On Side Mount (Sony BURANO)
    B-Box Link Cable (Sony Venice, Venice 2, BURANO) 
    Remote Cable (Sony BURANO)


    D-Box Information:

    Adding 12V 2pin, DTap port and 3pin 24V power options

    Weight: 400,5g
    Dimensions: 9,6 x 4,7 x 13,5 cm

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