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Bebob B90 cine HS Bebob B90 cine HS
B-Mount Hotswap Li-Ion High Load battery 14.4V/28,8V, 86Wh FEATURES Maximum discharge current: 20,0A for 12V and 24V Euqipment Dimensions (W x H x D): 93 x 144 x 49 mm Weight: 0,635g Virtually unbreakable The bebob batteries are designed...
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Bebob Coco-15Vmicro Bebob Coco-15Vmicro
VMicro Battery-Adapter for 15mm rods FEATURES 2 Twist-D-Tap 12V (unreg.) 5A rods Weight: 250g Twist D-Tap Only bebob batteries provide the unique bebob Twist-D-Tap. This rainproof socket allows you to plug a D-Tap connector into the...
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Bebob ML-120V/V-HL Bebob ML-120V/V-HL
High Load Hot Swap adapter for V-Mount Cameras FEATURES CINE V-Mount (m) to CINE V-Mount (f) Max. Draw: 20A High Load Powers the camera without interruption for 120s Weight: 0,52 Kg High current capability Thanks to the unique V-Mount...
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Bebob Powerbar-4TD2L2 Bebob Powerbar-4TD2L2
Break Out Adapter FEATURES 2 Output Lemo 2 pin 4 Output Twist Dtap Dim.: (WxHxD): 35x99x26mm Weight:64g SPECIFICATIONS Model POWERBAR-4TD2L2 Compatibility bebob batteries only Material Polyoxymethylen (POM) Twist D-Tap 4 (14,4V unreg....
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