Bebob B90 cine HS

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    B-Mount Hotswap Li-Ion High Load battery 14.4V/28,8V, 86Wh FEATURES Maximum discharge... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Bebob B90 cine HS"

    B-Mount Hotswap Li-Ion High Load battery 14.4V/28,8V, 86Wh


    • Maximum discharge current: 20,0A
    • for 12V and 24V Euqipment
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 93 x 144 x 49 mm
    • Weight: 0,635g

    Virtually unbreakable
    The bebob batteries are designed to survive a fall of 1.5m. Nevertheless, if one should crack, the modular concept allows any mechanical part to be replaced.

    High current capability
    Thanks to the unique V-Mount CINE connection and the CINE-VMM HL camera plate, the battery can continuously deliver 20A without risking any damage – neither to the connector pins, nor to the cells (Trimix HL cells).

    bebob batteries aren't disposables but durable equipment. When the capacity has become insufficient after years of use, batteries can be easily re-celled in our factory – for about half the price of a new one.

    In addition to the fuel gauge, bebob CINE batteries are fitted with a Status Alarm. When the battery becomes older and its total capacity goes beyond 80%, the LED alarm lights yellow, under 60% red. This way, you always know about the capacity of your batteries and can decide upon their refitting.

    Twist D-Tap
    Only bebob batteries provide the unique bebob Twist-D-Tap. This rainproof socket allows you to plug a D-Tap connector into the battery with free choice of cable trailing from the left or right.

    USB Port
    bebob batteries offer you an USB Port (5V 1A) to connect any USB powered device. So you can charge your smartphone or tablet directly on location!

    Fully certified
    All bebob products are certified following the legal reglementations – like CE, UN, GVV, UL, FCC/EMV.

    Integrated flashlight
    The bebob Mini batteries offer an integrated LED flashlight – simply at the touch of a button. No endless search in dark places anymore…

    Model B90cineHS
    Mount B-Mount
     for 12V and 24V Equipment
    Capacity 86Wh
    Voltage 14,4V/28,8V
    Cells Li-Ion trimix made in Japan
    Max. Discharge Current 20,0A
    Twist D-TAP 1 (max. 3,0A)
    USB-Port 1 (5,0V; max.1,0A)
    Fuel Gauge 5-step LED
    Weight 0,635Kg
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 93 x 144 x 49mm
    Warranty 2 Years 80% Capacity
    Chargers Bmount Standard
    Charge Time (bebob BS2/BS4) 3 Hours
    UN 3480/81 Certificate In Process

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