ARRI KK.0033626 Pro Set für Canon C500 II

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    Includes Top Plate for Canon C500 MkII K2.0033441, Plate for Canon C500 MkII - K2.0033439,... mehr
    Produktinformationen "ARRI KK.0033626 Pro Set für Canon C500 II"

    Includes Top Plate for Canon C500 MkII K2.0033441, Plate for Canon C500 MkII - K2.0033439, Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-5 - K2.0017138, Camera Center Handle CCH-4 - K2.0017270, Sliding Adapter for CCH-4 - K2.0019282, Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3 - K2.0006186, 15mm Reduction Insert -K2.66255.0, Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1 - K2.0006140, Monitor Bracket - K2.0015520 and Support Rods 340mm, Ø15mm K2.66252.0.

    The Top Plate for C500 MkII offers a variety of 1/4-20"; 3/8-16" and M4 threads for additional accessory support such as the RMB-3, CCH-4 (CCH-4 Sliding Adapter option) or CCH-2. An integrated optically centered 15mm lightweight support interface allows to mount 15mm rods or the Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1 (K2.0006140). The C500 MkII monitor (via the Monitor Bracket for Canon C200 K2.0015520) or Canons C700 EVF (via K2.0013195 EVF bracket for C700) can be attached to the MVB-1.
    The K2.0033439 Plate for C500 MkII can be used either shoulder mounted compatible with a VCT-14 style plate such as the QRP-1 or by using the Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-5 to mount the cine-style BP-8, BP-9 or BPS-2. Both versions can be changed easily to the front and the back by sliding and exchanging one against the other without the need to detach any accessories from the camera. The plate includes an interface for two 15mm rods at the front and an optional 15mm lightweight support at the back (15mm rods included).

    Included in box

    •     1x Top Plate for Canon C500 MkII K2.0033441
    •     1x Plate for Canon C500 MkII - K2.0033439
    •     1x Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-5 - K2.0017138
    •     1x Camera Center Handle CCH-4 - K2.0017270
    •     1x Sliding Adapter for CCH-4 - K2.0019282
    •     1x Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3 - K2.0006186
    •     1x 15mm Reduction Insert -K2.66255.0
    •     1x Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1 - K2.0006140
    •     1x Monitor Bracket - K2.0015520
    •     1x Support Rods Pair 340mm, Ø15mm K2.66252.0.



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