INOVATIV QR (Quick Release) System

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    With the need for multiple monitors on set and having multiple options for setting them up, we... mehr
    Produktinformationen "INOVATIV QR (Quick Release) System"

    With the need for multiple monitors on set and having multiple options for setting them up, we saw an opportunity for creating a universal product that allows easy, secure and quick setup and breakdown of your monitors.


    Whether you are mounting a monitor on your desk in the home office, setting up a mobile workstation on a production cart, or setting up a video village, with the INOVATIV QR System, your monitor is mounted, locked and secure in just a few seconds.

    Why the INOVATIV QR System?

    There are many VESA mounts available on the market. However, a VESA mount requires screwing the mount directly to the monitor making quick attachment and release difficult.  The INOVATIV QR System consists of three plates, one attaches to the monitor, the second attaches to the VESA mount, and the third is a spacer plate which may be necessary for certain monitors which have a recessed mounting area.


    Technical Specifications

    The plates connect to each other using the vDrop system, a patent pending quick-release dovetail mount developed by INOVATIV.

    What’s the difference between each configuration?


    The QR System includes (1) QR Receiver, (1) Monitor Plate, (1) Adapter Plate, and mounting hardware. The QR System PRO includes an additional QR Receiver.  The QR System + CONVI Clamp contains (1) QR System and (1) CONVI Clamp. The QR System + Pro Monitor Mount contains (1) QR System and (1) Pro Monitor Mount. All configurations include all necessary mounting hardware.



    • Weight: 680g
    • Dimensions: 15x 20x 5cm
    • Options:
      QR System #501-610
      QR System Pro #501-611
      QR System + Convi Clamp
      QR System + Pro Monitor Mount
    • Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum, Stainless Steel Hardware, Black Anodized with INOVATIV's Triple Anodize 8625 Mil-Spec Process


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