Inovativ AXIS Component: AXIS Dual Bar

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    Do you have a need to mount more monitors? The AXIS Dual Bar gives you the ability to easily... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Inovativ AXIS Component: AXIS Dual Bar"

    Do you have a need to mount more monitors? The AXIS Dual Bar gives you the ability to easily mount 2 monitors simply by clamping the AXIS Dual Bar to our AXIS Stand, C-Stand, rolling stand, or anything up to 2″ in diameter. It is machined from solid billet 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized black. The AXIS Dual Bar keeps the top 5/8″ baby pin, traditionally found at the top stage of most industry stands, free for mounting wireless receivers, wireless transmitters, antennas and other accessories that connect to a baby pin. The Dual Bar has a total of eighteen 3/8-16 threaded holes providing you several mounting points to position the two included baby pins. Depending on the size of the monitors you will be mounting, you may want to have the pins further or closer together. The AXIS Dual Bar (priced at $240.00) includes the Dual Bar and two “threaded” style 5/8″ Baby Pins. For an additional $40, you can purchase the AXIS Dual Bar configured with our Crossbar Baby Pin Plugs. This “plug” style 5/8″ Baby Pin slides over the top of the bar, and hard mounts using a 1/4-20″ bolt. The advantage of the “plug” style pin is that it will not rotate, or loosen, if the item connected to it rotates. Generally speaking, standard “thread” style baby pins have the tendancy to loosen if the item connected to it rotates. Configure your system with the Crossbar Baby Pin Plugs if you want to be sure the pins will not loosen over time. Additionally we offer both configurations with our Pro Monitor Mounts, which saves you up to $80.00 if configured at the time of checkout. The max capacity of the AXIS Dual Bar is 80lb.

    Thinking about accessorizing your AXIS Dual Bar? If you need to offset a baby pin from the Dual Bar, you can do this using our AXIS Dual Bar Baby Pin Bracket with Pin. There are 18 locations on the AXIS Dual Bar where the AXIS Baby Pin Bracket with Pin can be connected. How about cable management? We offer the AXIS Small Hook which is a machined aluminum hook that hard mounts to the Dual Bar using two 1/4-20″ bolts. The AXIS Small Hook can be used for cable management of monitors and transmitters, or simply to hold an item. Both of these accessories can be added as ADD-On’s to your order at checkout.

    Dimensions (WxLxH): 68,6x 58,4x 20,3 cm

    Weight: 3,2 Kg

    Material: Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum and Black 8625 Mil-Spec Anodize

    Options: Dual Bar, Dual Bar With Two Pro Monitor Mounts, Dual Bar with 2 Crossbar Baby Pin Plugs, Dual Bar with 2 Crossbar Baby Pin Plugs & 2 Pro Monitor Mounts

    Categories: AXIS, AXIS Components, AXIS Health, AXIS Health Components, AXIS Network Rack CabinetsTags: Axis, Digital Techs, DIT’s, Photographers, SteadiCam, Videographers, Work Station

    What´s in the box: AXIS Case Platform and vDrop Assembly


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