Inovativ AXIS Accessories: AXIS Wheels with Brakes

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    Rough ground, gravel and electrical cords are a worry of the past. Keep your stand... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Inovativ AXIS Accessories: AXIS Wheels with Brakes"

    Rough ground, gravel and electrical cords are a worry of the past. Keep your stand rolling smoother than ever with INOVATIV’s revolutionary 8″ AXIS Wheel System. These high-quality and light-weight wheels easily connect to stand’s that are equipped with 1″ square tubing legs and are designed to offset the center of gravity by 3.0″” for increased stability. There are three complete caster assembly’s in the AXIS Wheel System, all of which are outfitted with our powerful manual foot brakes. Each caster assembly is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, outfitted with high-grade sealed bearings and mated to a steel leg adapter that connects directly to the stand. Each caster assembly includes a 3/8-16″” rubber knob that screws downward, into the top of the caster, to lock it in a “”fixed”” position. Remove the rubber knob and the caster will swivel freely. We provide this feature since locking two of the casters in a fixed position provides the best steering ability for the stand when wheels are attached. Each wheel assembly, with brake and leg adapter, weigh in at 6.5 lb and come standard with their own drawstring wheel bag.

    Here are some measurements to keep in mind, and we’ll use the AXIS Stand as an example. The footprint of the AXIS Stand without wheels is 38″” and 49″” with the AXIS Wheel System added.

    Weight: 12,7 Kg

    Dimensions: 50,8x 40,6x 30,5 cm

    Categories: AXIS, AXIS Components, AXIS Health, AXIS Health Components, AXIS Network Rack CabinetsTags: Axis, Digital Techs, DIT’s, Photographers, SteadiCam, Videographers, Work Station

    Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel Hardware, Powder Coated Black, Black 8625 Mil-Spec Anodize.

    What´s in the box:  AXIS Wheels in Drawstring Bags


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