INOVATIV Voyager 30 EVO X - with X Top Shelf (rolled front lip & threaded rail plates)

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    The Voyager EVO with X-Top utilities INOVATIV’s patented SLAS (Self-Locking Adjustable... mehr
    Produktinformationen "INOVATIV Voyager 30 EVO X - with X Top Shelf (rolled front lip & threaded rail plates)"

    The Voyager EVO with X-Top utilities INOVATIV’s patented SLAS (Self-Locking Adjustable Shelving) system. The SLAS system is the backbone of all INOVATIV carts and enables the user to assemble and collapse the cart effortlessly with its tool-free design. This system also incorporates INOVATIV’s locking top shelf that is height adjustable up to 10″ in 2″ incremental stages.

    To ensure the Voyager EVO rolls with ease, its equipped with INOVATIV’s premium quick-release dovetail wheel system. Each wheel is easily attached or removed and is comprised of an all aluminum lightweight structure, high strength 100% sealed bearings, and 6″, 8″, or 10″  pneumatic tires. The Voyager EVO is equipped with 2 swivel or “smart” casters mounted with INOVATIV manual foot brakes and 2 fixed casters that can transform to a swivel configuration with the removal of a bolt.

    Voyager 30 EVO:

    • Inner Tray Size: 29” x 19”
    • Collapsed: 34”W x 21”L x 8.25”H
    • Assembled: 34”W x 21”L x 39.5”H

    Standard Equipment:

    • 3″ Tall Top Shelf (Voyager 30, 36, 42)
    •  4″ Tall Bottom Shelf
    • 1 Set Quick Grips
    • 2 Accessory Crossbars
    • Foot Brake System
    • 8″ removable sealed bearing aluminum dovetail wheel system (Voyager 30)


    • Made in the USA
    • Spring Loaded Latches
    • Completely tool free design
    • Collapses down to slim 8.25″ thick flight ready travel case
    • 20% lighter than other carts currently serving the marketplace
    • Upright posts lock in place and will not loosen over time
    • 10″ of top shelf height adjustment in 2″ increments
    • 100% sealed bearing wheels that are extremely quiet and easy to roll
    • Equipped with INOVATIV’s Foot Brake System
    • Constructed of premium 5052 and 6061 aluminum, 40% Glass Filled Nylon Corners & Hinge Brackets, and stainless steel hardware.
    • Type II and III anodizing on all uprights and machined parts
    • Durable texture black powder coat on top and bottom shelves
    • 5 year limited warranty
    • NEW Spring-loaded latch system for securing your collapsed cart. Optionally, you may add your own padlocks for security
    • NEW Treaded Rail Plates integrated within top shelf. Supports 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 accessory attachments
    • NEW Rubberized release collars on cart posts for easier grip during assembly / disassembly
    • NEW Rivet-free and weld-less construction
    • NEW Thicker transport handle for comfort
    • NEW Side handle cutouts for easier loading/unloading collapsed cart
    • NEW Travel case accessory (coming soon)
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