Deploy Gen IV with Two-Stage Risers

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    Deploy was created by Matt Conrad, a Los Angeles based Digital Imaging Technician, who... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Deploy Gen IV with Two-Stage Risers"

    Deploy was created by Matt Conrad, a Los Angeles based Digital Imaging Technician, who recognized the need for a vertical workstation with a smaller footprint. The Gen IV is Deploy’s newest line of vertical carts that have been redesigned by INOVATIV from the ground up to be lighter in weight, easier to move around, and include all of the benefits and features of using INOVATIV’s long line of integrated accessories.  The Gen IV uses premium materials, has impeccable build quality, and is accompanied with INOVATIV’s 5 year limited manufacturers warranty and customer service and support that extends through your products lifetime.

    The Gen IV has four removable aluminum side panels that reduce dust penetration to the inside of the workstation and provide easy access to rack mounted components in case any necessary adjustments need to be made.
    The top surface of the Gen IV is aluminum, is equipped with a 2.5 inch cable pass through hole for improved cable management, and is finished INOVATIV’s signature black outdoor marine carpet.

    The Gen IV was designed with INOVATIV’s reliable and lightweight 8” EVO Dovetail Wheel System in the front and standard 20” Skyway wheels in the back to improve its capability for easy curb assistance and accessing stairs.
    Another key feature is the two aluminum handles it comes with for easier mobility. One handle is located in the front, at the top of the workstation, and the second handle is located at the back of the workstation on the bottom, to be used as a stepping plate to easily pull the workstation over cables, curbs, and uneven surfaces.

    For easier access through narrow halls and entryways, the Gen IV has collapsible side wings. When fully extended, the side wings provide an additional 24 inches of workspace.
    Gen IV also includes an accessory mount on the back side of the workstation to allow for use of monitor mounting and accessories that won’t take up or limit your workstation space. You’ll also find the Center Mast Bracket mounted in the rear of the cart on the top frame, dead center, that is used as an additional mounting point for accessories. Think of the Center Mast Bracket as a hub for mounting transceivers, receivers, boom polls and more.

    In addition to all of the updated features, the aluminum frame design includes several new threaded mounting points to support a variety of tools and accessories. These include receiver tubes that accept INOVATIV’s fixed Insight Monitor Mount System, INOVATIV Corner Baby Pin Plug, and Two-Stage Corner Risers that are most commonly used on the Apollo workstations.

    This kit includes dual Two-Stage Risers and dual Pro Monitor Mounts. The Two-Stage Risers seamlessly integrate into the receiver tubes located on the back side of the workstation. Two-Stage Risers have an anodized orange aluminum coupler and the risers themselves are powder-coated black. The length of Two-Stage Risers are 50” when fully extended.

    INOVATIV’s new Pro Monitor Mount connects easily to industry standard ⅝” pins, commonly known as a Baby Pin. It’s compact, lightweight design makes it easy to pack for travel and take it where you need it most.
    The Pro Monitor Mounts are equipped with our standard 100×100 VESA Plate which fits on most monitors and gives the ability to freely rotate the monitor or easily lock in a vertical position. Additionally, the Pro Monitor Mount has an internal rosette that keeps your monitor locked in its tilted position. 
    For heavier monitors, the rosette will keep your monitor in place even when rolling the workstation on a bumpy road. A unique feature of the Pro Monitor Mount is a ⅜”-16 threaded hole located on top of the Pro Monitor Mount providing an additional position to mount an extra threaded Baby Pin. Manufactured using premium 6061 aluminum and stainless steel hardware.


    Additional information

    • Weight     120 lbs
    • Dimensions     43 × 30 × 30 in

    GEN IV:   
    Gen IV and Two-Stage Corner Mast Riser Deploy Gen IV, Gen IV and Two-Stage Corner Mast Riser with Bottom Drawer for Deploy Gen IV



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