Cooke Macro/i FF Lens Series

Cooke Macro/i FF Lens Series
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    Cooke Macro/i FF Lens Series Superior image performance from infinity to 1:1 macro focus... mehr
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    Cooke Macro/i FF Lens Series

    Superior image performance from infinity to 1:1 macro focus

    • Focal length range: 60, 90, 150mm
    • Format: Full Frame
    • Mount: PL or LPL
    • Speed: T2.5

    A set of three complementary macro lenses, performance matched to the S8/i FF, Varotal/i FF and S7/i FF and featuring the iconic Cooke Look™. Expanded focus scale marks for shooting as normal focus lenses, with the ability to close focus down to 1:1 macro. These unique macro lenses are equally at home for principal photography and table top product close-up shots.

    A complete range of perfectly matched high-speed full frame macro 1:1 cine lenses, comprising 3 different focal lengths from 60mm to 150mm, at a maximum aperture of T2.5, covering wide angle to telephoto shots. All created to the same exacting standard and hand-crafted to the same exceptional quality and reliability.


    All-Spherical Design
    The new Macro/i FF lenses feature premium spherical glass, which produces a uniquely organic, cinematic quality, characterised by smooth, spherical bokeh and minimal colour fringing. It helps enable cinematographers to create sensitive and emotive images with a high degree of dimensionality.

    Faster Aperture
    With a maximum aperture of T2.5 at all focal lengths, the new Macro/i FF lenses are suitable for shooting virtually all kinds of photographic scenes.

    With a small front diameter of 87mm, the new Macro/i FF lenses have been created for a wide variety of situations and today’s compact digital cinema cameras. Being compact, however, has not compromised strength, durability, or their exceptional image aesthetic.

    Designed from the ground up to incorporate our very latest intelligent /i Technology, which includes /i data focus and iris and zoom position.

    Handcrafted Precision
    Modern and traditional grinding and polishing techniques are combined to achieve the highest level of precision. Sophisticated thin film equipment and traditional cementing processes are utilised to ensure optimum coatings. Finally, lenses are meticulously assembled, exhaustively tested, checked and re-checked.



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