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      Integrated Optical Palette (IOP) Easy exchange of internal optical elements The... mehr
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    Integrated Optical Palette (IOP)

    Easy exchange of internal optical elements

    The Angénieux Optimo Prime Series includes unique creative possibilities for cinematographers, based on a new technology by Angénieux called Integrated Optical Palette (IOP). Integrated Optical Palette (IOP) lets cinematographers create unique looks by combining IOP permutations the way a painter blends textures and hues. The IOP technology, just like the IRO technology for the zooms, is the result of well-known Angénieux’s innovation capabilities.

    The effects generated by the different irises and internal elements will be the same for all focal lengths. The actual intensity of those effects will depend on picture content, lightning conditions and lens settings. The Optimo Primes come with interchangable special pins, in order to indentify which element of the palette is integrated in a lens.

    The palette includes customizable elements:



    Creative Options



    3-Blade Iris

    Such an iris with 3 triangular blades gives a strong bokeh. The desired effect is a perfect equilateral triangle. This iris will generate a particular effect on the bokeh and particularly on the highlights. The bokeh will take the shape of the lens pupil which appears in the highlights. The triangular effect appears only from T2.8. At T1.8 full aperture, the bokeh remains perfectly standard, a round one. Three blade irises were used traditionally on some lenses in the 60s, to give a very unique look to the image and bring new creativity to the cinematographer. This IOP element will be perfect to generate a certain atmosphere in a commercial or a feature film. To be noted that for this iris, three types of subassemblies are proposed to cover the whole Optimo Prime range of lenses.


    9-Blade Iris (already integrated to your Prime)

    As original equipment, our Optimo Prime Lenses are equipped with properly balanced nine blades irises. An equiponderant round diaphragm designed by Angénieux Opticians and Engineers expertise. Paired with the excellent image resolution of our Optimo Prime lenses, the 9 blades iris will guarantee a symmetrical bokeh look from the center of the image up to the edges and the corners. The ability to observe such harmonious bokeh over the entire scene will allow you to achieve consistency over the whole range of Optimo Prime Lenses, no matter the focal length.


    Oval Iris

    This IOP element provides a mimic of the oval bokeh of the front anamorphic lenses. For instance, if this oval iris is cumulated with a bluestreak effect element, the anamorphic is recreated on the basis of a spherical lens. This way, images shot with anamorphic lenses can easily be matched with images made with a spherical Optimo prime. Some horizontal flares, which are typical from the anamorphic format appear. For instance, such an iris allows to obtain effects that make the glimmers more attractive. A uniform blue light line is generated for appealing and really authentic images.




    Rear Vintage Filter