Cooke Varotal/i FF Lens Series

Cooke Varotal/i FF Lens Series
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      Cooke Varotal/i FF Lens Series Uncompromised zoom lenses with The Cooke Look™... mehr
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    Cooke Varotal/i FF Lens Series

    Uncompromised zoom lenses with The Cooke Look™

    • Focal length range: 19-40mm, 30-95mm, 85-215mm
    • Format: Full Frame
    • Mount: PL
    • Speed: T2.9

    The original Cooke Varotal (1971) was the first zoom lens designed for professional motion picture photography. The Varotal/i FF series is a completely new design which offers outstanding optical performance with an almost total absence of breathing, chromatic aberration and distortion.

    The Varotal/i FF series offers focal length coverage from 19mm to 215mm, giving cinematographers huge flexibility from three lenses. Matched to S7/i FF and S8/i FF at T2.8, Varotal can augment Cooke primes as part of a lens system, achieving the beautiful, classical skin tones that characterise our now legendary look.



    Zoomable Prime
    Varotal/i FF removes the compromise that has been associated with zoom lenses. For observational documentary, live broadcast, efficiency or just style, they offer imaging performance commensurate with prime lenses. Varotal/i extends the photographic possibilities that Cooke offers cinematographers.

    Detail and Consistency
    Varotal/i offers striking levels of detail for 8k resolution and beyond. All three lenses feature a constant T2.9 aperture speed at all focal lengths, ensuring consistent results and creative control.

    A scratch resistant PTFE hard anodised finish is provided on all Cooke lenses, ensuring a durable, hard-wearing surface to meet the most demanding environmental conditions.

    /i Technology
    Designed from the ground up to incorporate Cooke intelligent /i technology, which includes /i data focus, iris and zoom position, /i motion inertial data and /i maps, our factory calibrated shading and distortion data. They also benefit from a high degree of modularity, which increases reliability and reduces servicing time.



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