Cooke Panchro/i Classic FF Lens Series

Cooke Panchro/i Classic FF Lens Series
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      Cooke Panchro/i Classic FF Lens Series The famous Speed Panchro lens, re-invented... mehr
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    Cooke Panchro/i Classic FF Lens Series

    The famous Speed Panchro lens, re-invented for Full Frame

    • Focal length range: 18mm – 152mm (12 lenses)
    • Format: Full Frame
    • Mount: PL
    • Speed: T2.2

    In 1935, the Director of Photography of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer studios said, “… at least 50% of our productions are made with Speed Panchros.” A true icon, which first established the optical characteristics that would one day become known as the Cooke Look. Panchro/i Classic FF evolves this further with modern opto-mechanical design. Cooke’s Panchro/i Classic FF is a range of 12 lenses, key focal lengths having maximum aperture of T2.2. They are precisely colour balanced and colour matched, ensuring consistency across the series.


    The Panchro/i Classic FF optical performance enables them to be used at full aperture with superior control of flare, distortion and spherical aberration.

    Colour balanced, colour matched and compatible with Cooke S8/i FF and S7/i FF, as well as other modern Cooke lenses.

    The same coveted Cooke Look aesthetic as the now legendary Cooke Speed Panchro. Cinematographers talk about Panchro/i Classic as having qualities which enable to convey more emotion in their work, particularly with faces.

    Cooke’s /i Technology enables cameras to automatically record key lens data for every frame shot, allowing post-production teams to access it digitally. Featuring key information on lens setting, focusing distance, aperture and depth-of-field, hyperfocal distance, serial number and more, it streamlines production and post and saves time and cost to eliminate guesswork.

    Handcrafted Precision
    Modern and traditional grinding and polishing techniques are combined to achieve the highest level of precision. Edging and blackening are thoroughly performed to achieve accurate lens alignment and minimal flaring. Finally, lenses are meticulously assembled, exhaustively tested, checked and re-checked.



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