Cooke MiniS4/i S35 Lens Series

Cooke MiniS4/i S35 Lens Series
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    Cooke MiniS4/i S35 Lens Series Focal length range: 18mm-135mm (10 lenses) Format:... mehr
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    Cooke MiniS4/i S35 Lens Series

    • Focal length range: 18mm-135mm (10 lenses)
    • Format: Super35
    • Mount: PL 
    • Speed: T2.8

    The miniS4/i primes (T2.8 to T22 aperture) incorporate everything that today's filmmakers require: smaller, lightweight lenses that offer the same resolution, optical quality and reliability as the S4/i lenses.


    The same exceptional resolution and optical quality as the S4/i, but at a lower price point.

    Cooke’s /i Technology enables film and digital cameras to automatically record key lens data such as focusing distance, aperture and depth-of-field for every frame shot and provide it to post-production teams digitally. Streamlining production and post, it saves time and cost while eliminating guesswork and enabling greater creative freedom.

    Handcrafted Innovation
    We use traditional polishing techniques to ensure the highest level of precision. An essential ingredient of lens manufacturing is consistent, persistent and accurate measurements. Minerals are evaporated at a high temperature in a vacuum to deposit a thin film onto the glass. Edging ensures that the glass diameters are perfectly round. A seamless process in which lenses are assembled according to specific measurements, checked, cleaned, tweaked and rechecked.

    Enjoy a smaller, lighter lens without compromising on quality.

    All Cooke lenses are colour matched, meaning miniS4/i and S4/i lenses can be mixed on a shoot with full confidence.

    Automatically record key lens data for each frame shot with /i Technology.



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