Fujinon Premista 19 - 45mm T2.9

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  • Premista19-45mmT2.9
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      The short, lightweight wide-angle Premista 19-45mm T2.9 expands the Premista family of... mehr
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    The short, lightweight wide-angle Premista 19-45mm T2.9 expands the Premista family of zooms to three lenses. Joining the 28-100mm T2.9 and the 80-250mm T2.9-3.5, the Premista 19-45mm produces images with natural and beautiful bokeh, outstanding high resolution, accurate color rendition, and controllable flare with minimal ghosting for capturing high dynamic range. The lens shows very little distortion throughout the entire zoom range, lightening the burden of correcting footage after shooting, and allowing high quality cinematic images to be created more efficiently.


    Compact and robust design
    The Premista 19-45mm is designed for professional use under the most difficult conditions. The mechanical structure of the lens was optimized on the computer. The production of the components themselves takes place with the highest precision in order to exclude quality variations. With an overall length of 230 millimeters, the Premista 19-45mm is 25 millimeters shorter and, with a weight of 3.3 kg, 500 grams lighter than the other FUJINON Premista lenses.





    • Focal length: 19-45mm
    • Aperture: T2.9 - 22
    • Lens Mount: ARRI PL mount
    • Compatible Image Size (diagonal): 46.3mm
    • Covers up to large-format sensors
    • Iris Blades: 13
    • Gear MOD & Pitch for Focus + Iris + Zoom: 0.8 MOD / 32 Pitch
    • Front Diameter: 114mm
    • Focus Scales: Metric, Imperial
    • Focus Rotation: 280°
    • Iris Rotation: 48°
    • Zoom Rotation: 120°
    • Electric Communication: Yes
    • Connectivity: 1x 4-pin LEMO Data
    • Compatible with both ZEISS eXtended Data and Cooke /i Technology lens data
    • Lens Support: Lens Support Foot
    • Length (approx.): 230mm / 9.06"
    • Weight (approx.): 3.3kg / 7.28 lbs.





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