Swit S-2070, Chip Array LED On-camera Light

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    Chip Array LED New generation LED technology S-2070 is a new light of SWIT Chip Array LED... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Swit S-2070, Chip Array LED On-camera Light"

    Chip Array LED
    New generation LED technology
    S-2070 is a new light of SWIT Chip Array LED family, with smaller size and lower consumption for hand HD camcorders.
    The new generation LED technology, Chip Array LED, integrates the LEDs into a chip with high brightness output but in smaller size, and the most remarkable, it offers a equally spread, soft, non-glaring light, similar to the traditional Halogen bulb light.

    13W Power Consumption, 70W Blub Equivalent

    800Lux @1 meter distance and 1 meter scale

    S-2070 requires only 13W power consumption but can output bright light equivalents to an 70W halogen bulb. The illuminance is 800 Lux at 1 meter distance and 1 meter scale.

    Compact Size
    Ideal for HDV camcorders

    S-2070 is compact size designed, smaller than SWIT S-2041 and S-2050 Chip Array LED light, and more suitable to use on small camcorders.

    60° Wider Beam Angle

    Equally spread lights, no visible beam edge
    The traditional LED lights use lens to converge and get a higher brightness, but dropped down quickly around, which will generate a visible lighting border in the image.
    In comparison, the S-2070 Chip Array LED generates a 60° wider beam angle, equally spread from the center to edge, and suitable for HD shooting.

    Glareless light, Single Shadow
    The traditional LED array always generates several highlight pots on retina and people will feel glaring, even can’t recover sight until a few seconds. In comparison, the SWIT Chip Array LED has only one bulb in appearance, and output a non-glaring, single shadow light, suitable for close interview shooting.

    3200K/5000K/5600K Color Temperature

    The S-2070 LED has 5000K color temperature and also equipped with a 5600K (Daylight) and a 3200K (Tungsten) color temperature filter. You can switch the color temperature easily.

    6-17V Wide Voltage Power Supply
    The S-2070 accepts 6-17V wide voltage input, so you can get power from 14.4V V-mount/Gold Mount batteries or 7.2V DV batteries.
    The light package goes with a D-tap to pole-tap cable (S-7104), to plug into the DC-IN port of S-2070 and get power from D-tap power output sockets, such as batteries, battery plates, or camera handle. You can also select SWIT pole-tap to pole-tap DC cable (S-7108) to get power from pole-tap DC adaptors.
    By installing a particular DV battery plate, you can directly mount a 7.2V DV battery onto the rear of the S-2070 light.

    Interchangeable DV plates
    You can power the S-2070 by most popular DV batteries, via the easy interchangeable DV battery plates. We supply the following
    DV plates for optional:

    Model of Plates; Compatible batteries
    S-7004F; SONY NP-F970/770, & SWIT S-8972,S-8970,S-8770
    S-7004U; SONY BP-U60/U30, SWIT S-8U63
    S-7004D; Panasonic CGA-D54, VW-VBD58, SWIT S-8D62, S-8D58
    S-7004B; Panasonic VW-VBG6, SWIT S-8BG6
    S-7004J; JVC BN-V428U, SWIT S-8428
    S-7004V; JVC BN-VF823, SWIT S-8823
    S-7004i; SSL-JVC50, SWIT S-8i50
    S-7004C; Canon BP-945/970G, SWIT S-8845, S-8945
    S-7004E; Canon LP-E6, SWIT S-8PE6

    Power by Special Compact Battery

    By optional purchased battery S-8040
    If you want a compact battery power solution, you may choose SWIT S-8040 Li-ion battery to instead of the DV plates and DV batteries.
    The S-8040 is specially used for SWIT S-2041 and S-2070 lights, with 7.2V, 21Wh/3Ah capacity, and can run nearly 1 hour and 40 minutes on S-2070.
    The S-8040 has a 4-level power indicators and a pole-tap charging input socket. You can use SWIT portable Pole-tap charger S-3010D to charger S-8040.

    Dimmer control
    S-2070 has a dimmer controller to adjust the light output from 10%-100%. The color temperature will not change during the dimmer controlling.

    Easy Installation

    Both cold-shoe and screw
    S-2070 offers a dual purpose installation base, that can be fixed to camera via both cold shoe and 1/4” screw head.


    • Chip Array LED technology
    • 13W, 800Lux @ 1 meter, dimmerable
    • 70W equivalent output
    • Single shadow, glareless
    • 60° wide beam angle, equally spread
    • Cool touch
    • 5000K color temperature
    • 5600K and 3200K filter
    • Color rendering index: 85
    • 6-17V wide input voltage
    • Interchangeable DV mount and battery
    • Glass Fiber strong and durable housing
    • Screw and cold shoe mount
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