Upgrade Innovations MMS09 VESA Monitor Mount to 5/8″ Spigot – Ball-Loc

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    The MMS09 Ball-Loc VESA Monitor Mount supports broadcast quality monitors up to 60 lb/27kg,... mehr
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    The MMS09 Ball-Loc VESA Monitor Mount supports broadcast quality monitors up to 60 lb/27kg, designed specifically for mobile cart/truck applications. Chosen by professionals & rental houses to mount VESA standard monitors to 5/8” (16mm) male spigots or baby pins. Customize mount to your needs by choosing between four Monitor Plates to provide Landscape/Portrait and/or Quick Release functionality. For those that prefer fine view-angle adjustment, consider the Friction-Loc models.

    Threaded Holes
    Mount accessories directly to the Monitor Mounts using the 1/4, 3/8 or M5 threaded hole. The M5 thread is for the new hars-mount 5/8 baby Pin or 15mm Spud to provide a non-twist mounting option. Mount these new accessories via 5/32 or 4mm Hex Key. The 5/8 baby Pin and 15mm Spud also provide a 3/8 tapped thread for mounting accessories and provide clearance for Landscape/Portrait Monitor Plates. Standard 1/4 & 3/8 threaded holes are also provided closer to the Monitor Plate. (NOTE: Landscape/Portrait Monitor Plates will interfere with accessories mounted to 1/4 & 3/8 threads)

    Ball-Loc System
    The rosette style ball-lock is a positive locking system. Models coming with this system will have superior hold for heavier loads and long term use, on mobile carts or trucks. The locking system comes with heat treated ball bearings that are in-bedded in the locking surface and assured by limited lifetime warranty. This system is best for when static and dynamic forces are at play.

    VESA Standard
    The VESA mounting plates are multi purpose and are compatible with 75/100mm standard. Adapters for 100 x 200 and 200 x 200mm are available. The thumbscrews stay on the mounting plate with the industry favourite captive design.

    Safety Cable Ready
    These models are all safety cable ready. The machined hole at the VESA mounting plate adapter allows you to feed a safety cable through for safe overhead mounting. Use in any application where safety is a concern.

    Mounting Plate Options:

    Standard Option
    The Standard mounting plate model comes with the VESA plate thumbscrews with our industry favorite captive design.

    Landscape/Portrait Option - LP Swinger
    The LP-Swinger model is studio and green-screen friendly. Quickly swing your monitor from the landscape to portrait position or level the monitor on an uneven surface. This mounting option vomes with built in adjustable friction and a locking knob to hold the monitor in place. Ideal for your green screen and stills work, as you can make use of the full monitor display screen.

    Quick Release Option - QR
    The slim quick release plate mounts to the back of the back of your monitor taking up little space. This allows you to use much smaller storage/transport cases while keeping setup and take-down time to a minimum. The quick release option is great for camera-digital carts and mobile trucks. It comes with a locking latch that has a "hold open" option as well as a safety screw. This solid quick release mounting will pay for itself in no time, especially if time and space is an issue.

    Quick Release + Landscape/Portrait Option – QR+LP Swinger
    Thelatest mounting plate model combines the capabilities of the LP-Swinger model with the convenience of the Quick Release option. Keep setup and take-down time to a minimum, while making full use of the full monitor display screen by swinging your monitor from the landscape to portrait position.

    Solidly built with Anodized Aircraft Aluminum & Stainless Steel. Supports up to 60 lb/27kg.

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