*Discontinued* SmallHD 502 HDMI/SDI On-Camera Monitor

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    *This product is EOL - End of Life* Full HD 5-inch LCD Monitor with Waveform. The most... mehr
    Produktinformationen "*Discontinued* SmallHD 502 HDMI/SDI On-Camera Monitor"

    *This product is EOL - End of Life*

    Full HD 5-inch LCD Monitor with Waveform.
    The most effective tool for framing, focusing and exposing your image.

    A brilliant display with a desirable form factor.
    The SmallHD 502 is the lightest 5-inch, 1080p Full HD field monitor with color capabilities that rival OLED technology. It's a mere 7.4 oz light and is able to reproduce 100% Rec 709 color.

    A user experience that will enhance your on set workflow.

    • Navigate by simply moving and clicking the joystick - this allows easy access to ‘pages’ which can be customized with any feature, including custom looks (3D LUTs).
    • With pages set up, the 502 becomes an invaluable on-set tool for letting you quickly spot-check your entire shot for problem areas as well as using LUTs to ‘see’ new opportunities for shots on the fly.
    • Zoom into your image at any time by pressing up on the joystick; click to switch to pan mode and at any time press the back button to reset.

    Designed with the Sidefinder in mind.
    The 500 Series monitor is the key component to the SmallHD Sidefinder (the highest resolution EVF with a flip-out 1080p display).



    • 5", 1920x1080
    • Joystick + "Back" button for better navigation
    • Brightness: 400nits
    • HDMI and HD-SDI Cross Conversion
    • "Battery Power Switch Plate" for Canon LP-E6 a/o Sony L-Series Batteries
    • Weight: 436g 






    • Display: LCD
    • Size: 7"
    • Resolution: 1920x1080, 8-bit
    • Brightness: 450 Nits
    • Inputs: 1x 3G-SDI, 1x HDMI, Micro USB
    • Output: 1x 3G-SDI, 1x HDMI, Headphone Jack
    • OS3 Software Suits (Waveform, Scopes, Focus, Peaking, 3D LUTs and more)
    • Power: "Battery Power Switch Plate" for 1-2 Canon LP-E6 a/o 1-2 Sony L-Series Batteries
    • Joystick + "Back" button for better navigation
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