*Discontinued* SmallHD 1703-P3 17" Studio Monitor

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    *This product is EOL - End of Life* Full HD 17-inch Wide Color Gamut (P3) Reference Grade... mehr
    Produktinformationen "*Discontinued* SmallHD 1703-P3 17" Studio Monitor"

    *This product is EOL - End of Life*

    Full HD 17-inch Wide Color Gamut (P3) Reference Grade Monitor
    The world's most rugged 17" monitor with astounding color accuracy. This monitor is perfectly engineered for production and post-production use.

    Clarity that produces certainty.
    The display size, resolution, and pixel density of the 1703 P3 Studio monitor make it an invaluable tool for precision focus pulling. When you don't have the time or proper measurements, a razor-sharp, low latency display will help you hit your marks.

    Calibrated for collaboration.
    Preview what you're sending downstream using the Output Preview Page, while utilizing software features like customizable focus assist and peaking on your 1703 monitor. If it's the only monitor near by, its color accuracy (100% REC 709) and broad viewing angle make it easy to share with clients and directors.

    Can you see me now? Good.
    With a panel roughly 3x brighter than most production monitors, the 1703 is not restrained by ambient light. Its optically bonded LCD combats glare and sunlight, allowing you to pull focus in less than ideal shooting environments.

    Proper power options.
    Power options for the 1703 monitor are simple and convenient. The 2-pin LEMO out allows for a seamless integration with accessories such as the Teradek Bolt wireless receiver.

    Travel made easy: carry-on accessories.
    All SmallHD® production monitors are equipped with the Rapid Rail Mounting System; the simplest way to connect, store, and travel with critical monitor accessories.

    Smooth is fast.
    Transitioning from table to C-Stand happens safely and securely with the 1703's VESA compatible mounting accessory.

    Boldly go.
    The 1703 monitor is the perfect blend of functionality and portability. With a razor-sharp display and a rugged build quality, the 1703 will boldly go where no other production monitor has ever gone before.


    • 17", 1920x1080
    • Brightness: 450 nits
    • Constrast: 1500:1
    • Power via Battery Plates (Golt Mount or V-Mount)
    • HDMI and HD-SDI Cross Conversion
    • 12V 2pin Lemo is a passthrough power connector output
    • HDMI and HD-SDI Cross Conversion
    • Plenty of mounting options around the perimeter of the display (1/4 20 & 3/8 threads)


    • Display: IPS LCD
    • Size: 17"
    • Resolution: 1920x1080, 133 PPI
    • Brightness: 450 Nits
    • Color Depth: True 10-bit
    • Color Gamut: 100% DCI-P3
    • Inputs: 2x SDI, 1x HDMI, 1x XLR 4pin 12-34V DC
    • Outputs: 2x SDI, 1x HDMI, 1x Headphone Jack, 1x 2pin LEMO 12V DC @ 4A max
    • OS3 Software Suits (Waveform, Scopes, Focus, Peaking, 3D LUTs and more)
    • Power input: via XLR 4pin 12-34V DC; AC Adapter or Battery Plates (V-Mount or Gold Mount)
    • Bunch of usefull accessories available like Table- and C-Stand Mount, RapidRail Mount, Cheese Plate, Screen Protectors, Sunhoods, Power Kits,...


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