Canon DP-V3120 31-inch 4K HDR professional reference display

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      Canon DP-V3120 - The 31-inch 4K HDR professional reference display Extraordinary... mehr
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    Canon DP-V3120 - The 31-inch 4K HDR professional reference display

    Extraordinary HDR capability
    Canon DP-V3120 is a 31-inch 4K HDR Professional Reference Display which provides industry leading 2,000 cd/m2 of full-screen brightness and 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio with exceptional accuracy and consistency, alongside extensive HDR monitoring assist functions. DP-V3120 is ideal for professional HDR production workflows.

    Full-screen brightness at 2,000 cd/m2, 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio
    Canon DP-V3120 provides an incredible 2,000 cd/m2 of full-screen brightness, giving you higher flexibility to create stunning High Dynamic Range content. With a Canon developed cutting-edge backlight system, precise LED control algorithm and advanced image processing, DP-V3120 is able to deliver a minimum black level of 0.001 cd/m2 and an outstanding 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, ensuring accurate reproduction of shadow detail and brighter highlights.

    Accurate image quality with flexibility for all production requirements
    Precise image reproduction is important for proper HDR monitoring. DP-V3120 can accurately achieve full range grey scale reproduction from low luminance to high luminance, as well as each R, G, B primaries delivering the appropriate luminance level. This level of accuracy offers greater confidence to manage HDR mastering workflows. With support for conventional 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, and ITU BT.1886 gamma, as well as HDR Electro-Optical Transfer Functions (EOTF) SMPTE ST.2084 and ITU-R BT.2100 (HLG), DP-V3120 also supports BT.2020 and DCI-P3 wide colour spaces with faithful and consistent colour reproduction to meet both SDR and HDR production requirements.

    Extensive HDR monitoring functions
    Canon DP-V3120 provides industry leading extensive HDR monitoring functions, these enable users to visualise HDR signal parameters such as HDR Reference white, signal levels, and image brightness for accurate signal optimisation.

    • HDR waveform monitor / Vector-scope
    • Pixel value checker
    • HDR histogram
    • HDR false colour
    • Frame luminance monitor
    • BT.2020 outside of gamut view
    • HDR over range check
    • HDR / SDR comparison

    Reliable and quiet operation
    Canon’s innovative backlight system, with highly efficient LEDs and newly designed cooling mechanism, enables and maintains a high continuous luminance level, even at 2,000 cd/m2. This newly designed cooling mechanism achieves quiet operation with high brightness, ideal for environments such as grading suites. Additionally, Canon’s innovative backlight system uses a full screen sensor array to monitor the backlight performance, while using an intelligent auto correction technology to maintain and adjust image accuracy during operation.

    Advanced interface and operability
    DP-V3120 is equipped with a 12G-SDI interface to fit the latest 4K production environments, enabling a 4K signal over a single SDI cable. With four 12G-SDI interface terminals, the display can handle multiple 4K signals, providing a 4-screen split view, single 4K image, or single 8K image (displayed in 4K) is also possible.
    DP-V3120 supports Payload ID to identify signal’s transfer characteristics, and the Auto Setting function enables automatic switching of the Display’s [Picture Mode] settings. Additionally, signal monitoring functions enable DP-V3120 to identify signal errors such as lack of or wrong order of 2SI signals and CRC errors.

    Remote control
    DP-V3120 can be remotely controlled by LAN connection using either a PC or tablet enabling access to the menu, as well as various display information.

    • View (initial screen): Checking and zooming of the displayed image. Simple Channel and Function button operations.
    • Information: Access to display settings and signal information.
    • Control / Setting / Link: Access to full menu controls, settings and link to other monitors.



    • 4K - (4096 x 2160) resolution
    • UHD - (3840 x 2160) resolution
    • DCI - (2048 x 1080) resolution
    • 12G-SDI- Supporting 4 x 12G-SDI
    • Supporting HDR standards - ITU-R BT.2100 and SMPTE ST 2084



    • Panel type: IPS LCD panel
    • Screen size: 31.1 inch (79.0 cm)
    • Aspect Ratio: 17:9
    • Resolution: 4096×2160 (8.8 megapixels)
    • Active display area: Approx. 698.0×368.1 mm
    • Pixel Pitch: 170 μm/149 ppi



    • Backlight type: LED, Matrix Array
    • Power: Rated voltage: AC 100 - 240 V / Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Power Consumption: At maximum load (including change in brightness due to aging): Approx. 840W / At factory shipment: Approx. 175 W
    • Dimensions (width x height x depth): Approx. 749×492×335 mm (including handle) / Approx. 749×470×295 mm (Display unit only, without protruding parts)
    • Weight: Approx. 31 kg
    • Mounting Hole Pitch: VESA standard 200×200 mm




    • 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI
    • 4 (1 channel) BNC (75 Ω) Receptacle terminal
    • 12G-SDI: SMPTE 2082 compliant
    • 6G-SDI: SMPTE 2081 compliant
    • 3G-SDI: SMPTE 2048-2/274M/296/372/425-5/425-3/425-1/428-19/428-9 compliant
    • HD-SDI: SMPTE 2048-2/274M/292-1/296/428-19/428-9 compliant
    • SD-SDI: SMPTE 259M compliant
    • HDMI: 1 Type A / Copy protection: HDCP 2.2


    • 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI
    • 4 (Pass-through 1 channel)
    • Headphone: 1 stereo mini-jack, supported impedance: 32 Ω - 64 Ω


    • 1 USB A receptacle terminal
    • Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0 compliant LS (Low Speed)/FS (Full Speed)/HS (High Speed) mode compatible
    • Enhanced Host Controller Interface Specification for Universal Serial Bus Revision 1.0 compliant
    • 1 RJ-45 terminal
    • IEEE802.3 10BASE-TX / IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX compliant
    • 1 RJ-45 terminal, GPI 8 pin


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