Canon DP-V2730 27-inch 4K reference HDR monitor

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      Canon DP-V2730 A powerful and flexible 27-inch 4K reference monitor for exceptional... mehr
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    Canon DP-V2730
    A powerful and flexible 27-inch 4K reference monitor for exceptional HDR imaging performance; ideal for live broadcast and post-production.

    An advanced professional 4K HDR Display for the new generation
    With a 27-inch screen and 1,000 cd/m² full screen peak brightness, the DP-V2730 reference monitor has a suite of award-winning monitoring tools such as a waveform monitor, pixel value check and configurable false colour, driven by Canon’s latest processing platform for class-leading performance.

    Award-winning Advanced HDR Monitoring Tools
    The DP-V2730 features Canon’s award-winning advanced HDR monitoring tools to assist in evaluating HDR content over every aspect of the displayed signal.

    • HDR Waveform Monitor/RGB Parade: Analyse the brightness of an image from left to right with a monitor scale supporting IRE, PQ, HLG and even Log signals from multiple manufacturers.
    • HDR False Colour: Visually represents exposure and image clipping based on detailed and customisable colour scales for IRE, PQ or HLG.
    • Range Check: Switches the display output to monochrome and enables users to specify a peak brightness level to easily identify areas that require adjustment.
    • Pixel Value Check/ Chromaticity Diagram: Accurately examine the colour and brightness values of a specific pixel. A CIE diagram is also displayed to illustrate the pixel colour space location or overall gamut of the entire image.
    • Out of Gamut Display: Switches the display output to monochrome and highlights colours outside the selected colour gamut. Users can select either ITU-R BT.709 or Native gamut.
    • HDR/ SDR Compare View: An advanced function that converts HDR content to SDR for side-by-side evaluation. This function can be used to compare original content alongside enabled User LUTs or CDLs.
    • HDR Histogram: A graphical representation of the brightness distribution in an image. This feature can also illustrate SDR and HDR brightness ranges.
    • Frame Luminance Monitor: An innovative tool that allows users to closely monitor changes in peak brightness over time when viewing video sequences.
    • Multi Information View: Utilise multiple HDR monitoring tools simultaneously without obstructing the displayed image.

    27” Display with Exceptional Brightness
    The DP-V2730 features a 27-inch 4K UHD LCD Panel with full-screen and uniform brightness up to 1,000 cd/m². Canon’s local dimming technology gives an ultra-low black level of 0.001 cd/m².

    Faithful HDR Colour Reproduction
    Canon’s cutting-edge brightness, detailed shadows and wide colour gamut across the entire screen achieve Dolby Vision certification and Grade1A in EBU TECH3320 standards2.

    Simultaneous Dual/Quad Display and 8K Support
    View up to 4K in either Dual or Quad array from both SDI and HDMI signals, as well as individual Picture Profiles or User LUTs. DP-V2730 supports future high-resolution 8K workflows.

    Uncompromised Connectivity
    The DP-V2730 has an HDMI input and 12G-SDI Terminals (4x Inputs and 5x Outputs) capable of delivering 4K60P 4:2:2 10-bit or 4K30P 4:4:4 12-bit signals, ideal for seamless integration into multiple workflows.

    Remote Control/ Multi-Display Link
    Link the DP-V2730 to a computer, tablet or smartphone plus multiple Canon Displays (via a LAN connection) with the Remote Control Web UI. This touch-optimised interface provides live image viewing, detailed signal information and direct control over inputs, monitoring tools and settings.

    In-built SDI Switcher
    Use 4-way SDI input switching thanks to a MULTI-FUNC SDI Output3 that supports workflow applications such as sending an output feed to a director’s monitor, external recorder or live steaming solution.




    • 27” 4K HDR Display: 3840 x 2160 LCD panel providing 1,000 cd/m² full-screen brightness
    • Advanced HDR Monitoring: Waveform Monitor, False Colour, Range Check and much more
    • Exceptional Image Quality: Delivering Dolby Vision and EBU TECH3320 standards
    • Dual/Quad Display and 8K Support: For seamless multi-cam monitoring and high-resolution workflows
    • Remote Control/Multi-Display Link: Can be linked to a computer, tablet, or smartphone for remote control
    • Uncompromised Connectivity: 1x HDMI input and 12G-SDI Terminals (4x Inputs and 5x Outputs)

    Specifications in detail


    • Panel Type: a-Si TFT Active Matrix LCD Panel
    • Screen Size: 27 inch (68.5 cm)
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (8.3 megapixels)
    • Active Display Area: Approx. 596.7x335.7 mm
    • Pixel Pitch: 155.4 μm

    Image Quality

    • Brightness: Standard: 100 cd/m2 / Peak, Full screen white: 1,000 cd/m21
    • Viewing Angle (Up, Down, Left, Right): 89° (contrast ratio 10:1 or higher)
    • Surface Treatment: Anti glare coating


    • Backlight Type: LED, Matrix Array
    • Power: Rated voltage: AC 100 - 240 V Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Power Consumption

    • At maximum load (including luminance changes over time): Approx. 525W
    • At factory shipment: Approx. 125 W
    • In standby mode: 0.5W or less

    Environmental Conditions

    • Temperature and humidity: 0 to 40℃ (32 - 104°F) (20 - 85 % RH no condensation)
    • Recommended: 15 - 30 ℃ (59 - 86 °F) (20 - 80% RH no condensation)
    • Pressure: 700 - 1060 hPa


    • Temperature and humidity: -20 to 40℃ (-4 - 104°F) (20 - 85 % RH no condensation)
    • 41 to 60℃ (105 - 140°F) (20 - 30 % RH no condensation)
    • Pressure: 700 - 1060 hPa

    Dimensions (W x H x D) & Weight

    • Approx. 635×447×214mm (including stand and handle)
    • Approx. 635×426×158mm (display unit only, without protruding parts)
    • Weight: Approx. 16.0 kg
    • Mounting Hole Pitch: VESA standard 200x100 mm



    • 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI: 4x BNC (75 Ω) terminals
    • 12G-SDI: SMPTE 2082 compliant
    • 6G-SDI: SMPTE 2081 compliant
    • 3G-SDI: SMPTE 2048-2/274M/296/372/425-5/425-3/425-1/428-19/428-9 compliant
    • HD-SDI: SMPTE 2048-2/274M/292-1/296/428-19/428-9 compliant
    • SD-SDI: SMPTE 259M compliant
    • HDMI: 1x Type A terminal
    • Copy protection: HDCP 2.3 / 1.4


    • 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI: 4x (Pass-through) BNC (75 Ω) terminals
    • MULTIFUNC. SDI OUT2: 1x BNC (75 Ω) terminal
    • Speakers: 2W (stereo)
    • Headphone / Audio Output: 2x stereo mini-jacks (front / rear), supported impedance: 32 Ω - 64 Ω


    • USB: 1x USB A receptacle terminal Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 3.0 compliant
    • LAN: 1x RJ-45 terminal IEEE802.3 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T compliant
    • GPI: 1x RJ-45 terminal



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