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IB/E HDx1.4 Converter IB/E HDx1.4 Converter
The HDx1.4 converts B4 mount video lenses for use with single sensor (S16 or 2K) while slightly correcting the image. The HDx1.4 can be used with the following cameras with only one stop of light loss (1080p): Phantom Flex 4K Sony F5 /...
1,00 € *
IB/E Optics Velociter x0.8 Optical Converter IB/E Optics Velociter x0.8 Optical Converter
IB/E Velociter x0.8 Optical Converter The Velociter x0.8 optical converter reduces the focal length of the RAPTOR macro lenses by 0.8x. At the same time it increases the lens speed by almost 1 stop. For example, the RAPTOR 100 mm T2.9...
1,00 € *
IB/E HDx2 Mark II IB/E HDx2 Mark II
The HDx2 Mark II was specifically designed to give cinematographers the ability to use all HD ENG 3D CCD lenses on high speed Phantom cameras and MFT format cameras (22 mm). This converter is best suited for scenarios when our HDx35 Mark...
1,00 € *
IB/E HDx35-Mark-III IB/E HDx35-Mark-III
The HDx35 Mark III is the standard converter for high performance HD ENG 3D CCD lenses, such as TV box lenses, Digiprimes and other B4 mount 2/3'' HD broadcast lenses. This optical converter magnifies for all S35 sensor cameras. Max....
1,00 € *