Marumi WSND Filter 4x5.65

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    Unprecedented precision in color neutrality Wide Spectrum Neutral Density Filter ensures color... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Marumi WSND Filter 4x5.65"

    Unprecedented precision in color neutrality
    Wide Spectrum Neutral Density Filter ensures color fidelity throughout the visual and near Infrared eliminating pollution with red casting, which is peculiar to highly sensitive digital image sensors.

    Ultra scratch resistance to avoid a negative influence on the images
    Long-lasting neutral density coating is precisely sealed between two pieces of glass.
    Decades of technical succession of lamination technology producing Circular Polarizer in photography is applied thereof.

    Easy-maintenance under harsh environment
    To realize optical precision, anti-reflective coating is embedded.
    Hydro- & oleo-phobic coating strongly assist easy-maintenance under harsh environment. Nuisances like sweats, skin crème, lotion, or even comfounded stain of grease are also wiped off quickly and easily.

    Unflagging pursuit of excellence in surface flatness and plane-parallelism
    Grinding and polishing technology succeeded in producing aesthetically and functionally flat plane-parallelism as a result of longtime experience in producing numerous filters for still imaging.


    • ultra scratch resistance
    • color neutrality
    • multilayer coating
    • long lasting durability

    Available in following Sizes:

    • 4x5.65 WSND 0.0 Clear Filter
    • 4x5.65 WSND 0.3 Filter
    • 4x5.65 WSND 0.6 Filter
    • 4x5.65 WSND 0.9 Filter
    • 4x5.65 WSND 1.2 Filter
    • 4x5.65 WSND 1.5 Filter
    • 4x5.65 WSND 1.8 Filter
    • 4x5.65 WSND 2.1 Filter
    • 4x5.65 WSND 2.4 Filter


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