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    The xARM is a double section articulated stabilization arm, made from aircraft grade aluminium,... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Flowcine XArm"

    The xARM is a double section articulated stabilization arm, made from aircraft grade aluminium, solid carbon fibre infused titanium shafts and large stainless steel precision ball bearings. The xARM design is built with simplicity in mind, it’s extremly solid and robust with up to 29 Kg / 64 Lbs lift capacity.

    The very clean design makes it possible to give a frictionless and noiseless arm with absolute minimum push/pull force (down to 100g for the entire minimum and maximum positions) for its full boom range. All socket blocks are made from film industry proven stainless steel connections, where most leverage of the arm is being transfered. Many other components, as arm posts and shafts, are made from grade 5 titanium to keep the arm weight low, still with minimum flex in the structure when using high payloads.

    The xARM is based on polymer spring cores with a outer shell of Neoprene. Each spring core has a smooth and linear lifting capacity, and when being used near their maximum, they perform their best. Because of this, each spring core has a weight range of about 5 Kg / 11 Lbs, allowing the operator to fine tune the arm to optimal performance. The xARM ships with three different spring cores, to cover a range between 17-29 Kg / 37-64 Lbs. The spring cores are pre-extended and can quickly be changed. The xARM will give the operator a new idea of what it means to work fluently and smoothly with a minimal force needed to maintain any position.

    The xARM ships with the following spring cores

    • Blue 17-22.5 Kg / 37-49.5 Lbs
    • Orange 20-25.5 Kg / 44.5-56 Lbs
    • Purple 23.5-29 Kg / 52-64 Lbs

    For lighter setups there are also a lighter spring core available

    • Teal 8-14 Kg / 17.5-31 Lbs
    • Green 14-19.5 Kg / 31-43 Lbs


    • Large range of different lifting capacities in one single arm.
    • Up to 29 Kg / 64 Lbs lifting capacity.
    • Boom range ~ 780mm / 30.7 inches.
    • Weight of the arm is 4.8-5 Kg / 10.6-11 Lbs depending on setup.
    • Frictionless and noiseless design.
    • Easy to tune and easy to maintain.
    • All standard size titanium arm posts are included (0.51”, 0.625” and 0.75”).
    • Universal front and back mount socket blocks are included.
    • All tools needed are included.
    • Ships with 3 spring cores, for a range between 17-29 Kg / 37-64 Lbs.
    • Ships in a Peli AIR case with custom foam.
    • Ships with a heated Winter softshell cover


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