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    The xBONE is a back mount adjustable arm, that is mounted on vests that allows this type of... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Flowcine XBone"

    The xBONE is a back mount adjustable arm, that is mounted on vests that allows this type of configuration. It basically allows the operator a great array of different positions for their socket block to be mounted, to increase range of motion and give better clearance between the operator and the arm. The possibility to precisely position the arm mounting point opens up for new ways of shooting.

    The xBONE package contains everything needed for various operators and body sizes. It includes three mounts for various vests and a hard mount, a back bone that can slide sideways on the mounts, and three different sections in various lengths and a socket block xy (roll/tilt) stage.

    The three vests mounts are for Fawcetts Exovest made by Tiffen international ltd, the Walter Klassen FX back mount vest and the (now discontinued product) Action Products Vest. The mount for fixed hard mount, consisting of two 48-52mm clamps that are easy to re-arrange in various positions depending on need.

    The xBONEs three different sections are adjustable in four different angles and together with the adjustable back bone bar this gives the operator a wide range of possible socket-block-to-arm connection positions. The xBONE can be configured to retract the socket-block-to-arm connection position further back than ordinary, something that can be useful in certain shots that require the sled to be offset to the “wrong” operating position. The xBONE also provides better clearance in between the arm and the sled due to different positioning of the stabilizer arm connection to the socket block.

    It is configured so that it can perfectly fit any operator size and at the same time have the socket block connection to their arm at a preferred position.

    The xBONE also have a fully adjustable xy socket block stage that has a adjustable knob tilt, and the usual roll adjustment by two knobs. The roll adjustment with the xBONE socket block has a larger degree adjustment than ordinary socket blocks.


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