Rigalto Backpack System

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    OR-2020 Rigalto Backpack System

    RIGALTO was developed as the ideal solution to securely carry and operate the Sony VENICE camera together with the „Rialto“ tethered extension system by using a MiniMax support arm.

    The spacious Rigalto light weight universal cheese plate system mounts to all standard industry camera plates including ARRI dovetail, Sony VCT-14, and others. The big cheese plate comes with clamps for exclusive use with the Easyrig MiniMax camera support system (not included) and is also compatible to mount further accessories like Noga arms and more.

    PRE ORDERS ARE WELCOME, expected to be available in September 2020.



    • Unique padded backpack system for maximum comfort.
    • Universal cheese plate system mounts to all standard industry camera plates.
    • Incorporates mounting for the Easyrig MiniMax camera support system.
    • Sturdy travel bag with backpack & shoulder strap for easy carrying.
    • Supports a variety of monitor sizes, cables, V-mount or AB battery adaptors.

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