OConnor 1030D Head & 30L Tripod with Floor Spreader

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    The 30L carbon fiber tripod OConnor replaces the legacy 25L and 35L lines of tripods.... mehr
    Produktinformationen "OConnor 1030D Head & 30L Tripod with Floor Spreader"

    The 30L carbon fiber tripod OConnor replaces the legacy 25L and 35L lines of tripods. Combining the benefits of new-age materials with precision engineering we have created a support system which is both lightweight, yet solid and stable, an ideal fit for the new generation of smaller new Ultimate 1030D & 1030Ds fluid heads.


    The head supports 30 pounds worth of camera and accessories at a C.O.G. (center of gravity) 6 inches above the camera platform. The counterbalance system helps prevent the camera from tilting forward or back on the head on its own, and to remain in the position the operator places it without requiring additional effort to hold it in place. The counterbalance system on the 1030D is a stepless system, so it is continuously variable from the maximum weight the head can support all the way down to zero. This makes the 1030D extremely versatile, and suitable for use with heavy ENG style cameras all the way down to lightweight cameras, while maintaining the same operational feel.


    The 1030D features interchangeable camera platforms, and comes with a sidelock platform and sliding baseplate as standard. The sidelock platform allows you to mount and remove the camera by lifting straight off the head and not having to slide it in from the back. The fluid head is able to tilt 90 degrees forward and backward, allowing you to tilt the camera straight down and then straight up, all in the same shot. The camera also features independent drag controls and locks for both the pan and tilt. The included 100mm ball base is removable and can be replaced with other available bases. The head features an integrated bubble level for quick leveling confirmation, and the level is illuminated for times you are working in dim light conditions. The included pan handle can be attached to either side of the the fluid head utilizing the mounting rosette on either side of the head.




    • Dual-stage, carbon fiber, 100mm bowl tripod
    • Weighs only 8.8 pounds but supports up to 209 pounds
    • For OConnor 1030D/1030Ds and other 100mm-ball heads
    • Compatible with 30L and 60L OConnor tripods, as well as all Sachtler 100 and 150 bowl tripods (with exception of DA 100 K, DA 150K, and Cine)
    • Adjustable spreader legs



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