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      The Maxima 30 is the ultimate Cartoni fluid head for Digital Cinematography with... mehr
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    The Maxima 30 is the ultimate Cartoni fluid head for Digital Cinematography with mid-weight camera packages.

    The Maxima series is designed by and for cinematographers. Patented drag and balance systems provide a feel that has raised the industry standard on what is expected in a fluid head.
    User controls located and designed for total comfort allow operators to rapidly fine tune head performance by feel. The patented continuous fluid drag system performs from almost freewheeling to an exceptionally consistent drag for maximum versatility and flawless diagonal shots. The large sliding camera plate is compatible with Arri, Sony and O’Connor slides.

    The fluid movements in both Pan & Tilt are exceptionally smooth with that progression going from almost freewheeling to an extremely consistent maximum drag, the starts and stops are extraordinarily precise. The famed “wing” counterbalance will assists any Camera payload from 3 (7 lbs) to 30 kg (66 lbs) with a perfect response throughout the entire +/- 90 ° range and can reach up to 40 kg (88 lbs) at 100mm CG. The Maxima 30 includes all the advantages of the famed Cartoni Maxima Fluid Head line, but in a more compact size at a reduced weight of 10,5 kg (23 lbs). For ease of use a digital read out indicates counterbalance, Pan & Tilt fluid settings at a glance and the bubble level is illuminated.

    To make the Maxima 30 completely user friendly, the Pan & Tilt brakes are conveniently placed on the left side of the head as the camera plate latch, which can be activated with one hand both to disengage the new safety lock and free the camera plate completely. The camera plate stage accepts all industry standard plates as ARRI, RED, etc. with a sliding run of 140mm clearly referenced by a scale; It also features 4 rosettes attachment for Pan bars and the standard configuration comes with right telescopic pan bar and a left front pan handle. Front box attachment and eyepiece extension holders are optional. The head comes with a telescopic pan bar and a short front pan bar. With the classic Mitchell base the Maxima 30 interfaces with all flat base Mitchel tripods and platforms.


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