IB/E OPTICS Extender PLx1.4 Special

Buy a PLx 1.4 Mark II from IB/E Optics and get


Special price: 3.195,- €
List price: 3.995,- €                                      


The PLx1.4 Mark II extends the focal length of S35 PL mount lenses by a
factor of 1.4 while only losing one T-Stop in the process. The recommended
maximum input T-stop is 1.6. Lens Fit test Tool is included.




  • Extends the focal length
  • Telecentric design for high performance at digital cameras
  • great performance at all T-Stops
  • Flare optimized high-end systems
  • Fits most PL lenses on the market
  • PL UMS Mount System for flexibility


The Special is valid until the end of April 2020.

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